Quench Thirst and Build a Brighter Future

Without access to clean water, families in rural Ghana, Malawi and Zambia often have no choice but to drink from contaminated streams, ponds and shallow wells that often make them sick. These families face other crushing hardships too. Many lack sanitary bathrooms, and their schools and other essential facilities are crumbling into disrepair.

Through our Wells of Salvation campaign, you can build a brighter future for these families and engage in a meaningful Lenten outreach to provide their communities with clean water, sanitation and Catholic education. Altogether, this outreach will construct 65 wells, eight sanitation blocks, three schools and other essential facilities.

Join us now to empower the Diocese of Wa in Ghana, the Diocese of Karonga in Malawi and the Diocese of Chipata in Zambia, and you will help transform nearly 52,000 lives this Lent!

Beneficiary Highlight

Learn More About Lives Impacted by Your Generosity

Agnes Bears a Heavy Burden

Agnes Mwanja, 35, is a hardworking mother of five living in northern Malawi. As a subsistence farmer and homemaker, Agnes helps her husband with the crops, sees their children off to school, cooks meals and cleans the family home. Before she can tend to any of these tasks, Agnes must make six trips per day to collect water from the Wibogholo River. During drought seasons, the river runs dry, and Agnes must walk four hours to collect water from the Upiwo River (a tributary of the Songwe River).

Your gift this spring will help mothers like Agnes.

Agnes (front) collects water from the Wibogholo River. This water is contaminated, but families in her community have no better option for quenching their thirst.

Leticia Faawono (front) says, “We have nothing. We do not have places for the teachers, the office or a bathroom. We have nothing that a school should have.”

Leticia Longs to Learn

Quality schooling unlocks the door to valuable opportunities, empowering boys and girls to strengthen their skills and pursue their dreams. Leticia Faawono is a bright student living in Tambaare, Ghana. Tragically, she is one of many children who struggle to earn an education inside deteriorating school buildings and ill-equipped classrooms.

“In my school, we don’t have anything — not even a building,” said Leticia, 17. “We don’t have teachers’ quarters. We don’t have an office. We don’t have a toilet. We don’t have anything that will show it is a school.” In Leticia’s village, students either learn outside beneath a feeble awning or sit inside the local chapel — a broken-down building with a hole-ridden roof that always leaks when it rains.

Your gift will bring a dignified Catholic education and clean water to young girls like Leticia.

The Urgent Need for Clean Water, Education and Spiritual Outreach

With your participation, this project will provide clean water and sanitation, improve access to Catholic education, and encourage weary families with the love of Christ!

Many families have no choice but to collect water from distant, unsafe sources. By providing clean wells, you can quench their thirst and restore their health. You will also restore their time, giving them more hours to spend on school, work, family and spiritual formation.

Students are attending school in dilapidated structures that lack even basic sanitation. Many young people become so discouraged by these conditions that they drop out of school altogether. By building safe new schools, you can set them on course to a brighter future!

Many Catholics do not have a safe place to gather for Mass. By constructing a multipurpose facility for worship and classes — as well as answering urgent prayers for water and education — you can share the hope of Christ with suffering families and answer their prayers for relief.

Goals for This Outreach

Empowering Devoted Dioceses to Transform Lives

Your generosity will empower Catholic leaders in three dioceses to transform lives. Altogether, these ministry efforts will provide relief for 51,754 people — including more than 2,322 students who will gain improved access to water and education!

Diocese of Wa

Install four wells and eight sanitation blocks. Construct safer schools, teacher housing and a multipurpose rectory building.

Diocese of Karonga

Drill six deep wells. Provide empowering training to help locals prevent disease, repair wells, build latrines and earn income.

Diocese of Chipata

Provide 50 drilled wells and five hand-dug, protected wells. Improve an insufficient water system to serve a Catholic hospital.

Your support will help Catholic leaders meet the needs of the poor in their communities. In the Diocese of Chipata, Zambia, local priests such as Father Andrew Pumula Phiri are counting on you to bless families with clean, safe water.

Meet Our Ministry Partners

Devoted Dioceses Working to Transform Lives

Above are the locations of our highlighted ministry partners.

The Diocese of Wa, Ghana

In the Upper West Region, the Diocese of Wa serves some of Ghana’s poorest families. Since 2019, we’ve helped install five wells and six latrine blocks.

Bishop Richard Kuuia Baawobr is committed to sharing God’s love through both evangelism and tangible works of mercy.

Bishop Martin Anwel Mtumbuka is working to reach isolated communities with the hope of the Gospel.

The Diocese of Karonga, Malawi

The Diocese of Karonga is the newest diocese in Malawi. Since 2019, we’ve helped it repair 12 existing wells and install four new wells.

The Diocese of Chipata, Zambia

The Diocese of Chipata serves a vast, rural area with more than 300,000 faithful. Since 2017, we’ve helped it provide wells for 70 communities.

Bishop George Zumaire Lungu encourages fellow Catholics to follow Christ’s example and promote life by helping those in need.

Give Wells of Salvation for Lent

Quench Thirst. Build a Brighter Future.

Please donate now, or use our free Lent Activity Guide to pray, fast and give on behalf of communities in need of clean water. Your gift will put faith into action, transforming lives with clean water and hope for a brighter future.

Children in Kokya, Ghana, practice washing their hands — but without a reliable water source, they can only pretend. Help provide clean water to quench their thirst and protect their health!

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.