We Are in This Together.

Cross Catholic Outreach remains committed to the meeting urgent needs of our ministry partners around the world.

This commitment includes stopping the transmission of this virus. We believe that our ministry can make a difference by supporting impoverished communities in developing countries that lack the basic resources needed to practice good hygiene and prevent disease.

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Your Help is Needed.

Food insecurity poses an increased threat to developing countries. Our poorest brothers and sisters have been hit hard from the effects of COVID-19. Many do not have the access or ability to acquire their daily bread.

Your donation to Cross Catholic Outreach supports our ministry partners serving impoverished communities throughout 28 different countries. Together, we can meet the current and ongoing urgent needs of the poor, including food and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and medical supplies, among many other needs.

Bless the poor with nutrition, improved health and hope.

At Home and Abroad.

Cross Catholic Outreach is working in the United States and overseas to serve those impacted by COVID-19. Please pray for our ministry partners around the world and for the protection of those they serve. Read below to see some of the ways our ministry partners are responding to the needs of the poor.


Mt. Carmel School Support

One of our partners in Belize, Mount Carmel School Support, provided assistance to 72 families in one week. The teachers at Mount Carmel High School teamed up with missionaries to raise funds and buy food for needy families. Funds provided by Cross Catholic Outreach donors also helped purchase food and cleaning items. The beneficiaries are grateful for the help!

, Mount Carmel School Support providing assistance in Bolivia


Fundacion San Lucas

With the Franciscan Social Center closed due to COVID-19, staff members are focusing on outreach out in the field. They are providing medical and dental care and health education for the poor in the periphery of Cochabamba and Chapare.

A beneficiary of Fundacion San Lucas in Bolivia

Dominican Republic

Fundacion Nueva Alegria

With the Franciscan Social Center closed due to COVID-19, staff members are focusing on outreach out in the field. They are providing medical and dental care and health education for the poor in the periphery of Cochabamba and Chapare.


Working Boys Center

In response to the needs of their beneficiary families, the Working Boys Center in Ecuador has reshaped the feeding project that Cross Catholic Outreach supports.  Currently, the Working Boys Center is providing food staples to 160 Working Boys Center families with corresponding educational support for the children and engaging in protective measures to prevent potential domestic and child abuse.


Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima

This latest shipment of Vitafood from Cross Catholic Outreach to the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima in Guatemala is ready to be distributed to families in need.

El Carmelo Feeding

El Carmelo Daycare and Feeding Center is providing food hampers to families in need in one of the most dangerous areas of Guatemala City. This initiative includes elderly persons, those with special needs and widows.

Hogar de la Niña

The sisters of the Little Apostles of the Redemption at the Hogar de la Niña are ensuring vulnerable families of the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima receive their daily bread.

Sisters of the Little Apostles of the Redemption at the Hogar de la Niña food distribution


St. Joseph of the Apparition

Our ministry partners at St. Joseph of the Apparition in Gonaïves, Haiti say they cannot ignore the hungry. The majority of the population are daily wagers who live from hand to mouth. The ministry is distributing the stock from the nutritional program supported by Cross Catholic Outreach and purchasing additional food and necessities for family use. They are also sewing masks.

St. Joseph of the Apparition food distribution in Gonaives, Haiti


In Favor of the Child

In Favor of the Child has been holding food distributions to families in need. So far they have held distributions every two weeks. They hope to continue distributions until September of this year.


Rainbow Network

One of our partners in Nicaragua, Rainbow Network, has continued to distribute nutritious Vitafood meals to the communities that operate after-school programs.

United States

Catholic Charities of New Orleans and Catholic Charities of Miami

Our ministry is mobilizing resources to provide over 350,000 servings of baby food and approximately 7,500 hygiene kits to partners including Catholic Charities of New Orleans and Catholic Charities of Miami.

Bless the poor with improved health and hygiene!

Provide essential resources for impoverished communities in developing countries

Who We Are Helping.

Cross Catholic Outreach serves ministry partners in 28 countries.

Many are already working to install safer water systems, provide hygiene education and improve sanitation in poor communities. However, most are finding it extremely difficult to fulfill their missions and secure necessary resources.

Here are just two examples of the work we can support to make a difference.

Clean Water for 11,000 People in Kenya

With COVID-19 cases increasing in Kenya, the government has closed national borders. In the midst of the crisis, Father Fabian Hevi has remained steadfastly committed to serving Kenyans in need. In the dry southern region that runs between the Diocese of Machakos and the Archdiocese of Mombasa, women and children spend hours digging in dry riverbeds or standing in long lines at contaminated sources.

At present, they do not have the resources they need to practice proper hygiene and protect their health.

Two villages in southeastern Kenya will receive:

✔  Boreholes, solar pumps, water storage systems and water kiosks (dispenser units).

✔  Educational seminars regarding borehole maintenance, sanitation, hygiene & agriculture.

✔  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) committees consisting of responsible community members who will oversee the process & encourage proper practices.


- Highlighted Project -

Clean Water and Sanitary Bathrooms in Nicaragua

At a national level, Nicaragua has no containment measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As new cases emerge, fears continue to mount.

As one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua’s under-improved water infrastructure and lack of sanitary latrines remain a significant threat to the nation’s health. In such unsanitary living conditions, many poor villagers suffer from frequent bouts of waterborne illness and kidney disease — leaving their bodies particularly at-risk.

Thankfully, our ministry partners are hard at work to provide deep wells and sanitary latrines for remote, impoverished villages in Nicaragua.


We are providing 201 families in three villages with:

✔ Clean water piped directly into their homes.

✔ Modern bathrooms.

✔ Necessary medical screenings.

✔ Health education on the spread of bacteria.

These projects provide vital help necessary in fighting the spread of Covid-19 in a developing country like Nicaragua.

See Our Other Water Projects in Developing Countries

Distant, Not Divided.

At a time of necessary social distancing, it is important to show the world that the Church is still united.

Our commission to love others, share the Gospel and provide for the poor is still critical. In fact, it may be more necessary than ever before. The world is searching for hope — and it desperately needs the extra measure of mercy only Christ can provide.

Our global family will be safer when we provide for the poorest of the poor.

Meet urgent needs, prevent illness and share Christ’s love.

Thank you for helping protect our world one community at a time.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2020, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year.
In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.