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Spring 2021

Cardinal Turkson Speaks About Cross Catholic Outreach

Speaking from the Vatican recently, His Eminence Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson commended Cross Catholic Outreach for being a dependable benefactor of projects that promote the development of peoples. As prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, Cardinal Turkson guides our ministry to support projects close to the heart of the Holy Father Pope Francis. In our interview, Cardinal Turkson spoke on Catholic social teaching and the significance of the Holy See’s endorsement of Cross Catholic Outreach in 2015.

“This recognition is a sign that the Holy See endorses what Cross Catholic is doing.”
Cardinal Turkson

How do you see the collaborative work of Cross Catholic Outreach with the Dicastery playing a positive role in the universal Catholic Church?

Cardinal Turkson:
The biggest task entrusted to the Dicastery is the development of peoples around the world, and Cross Catholic Outreach supports various development initiatives we are working on. There is a foundation in Latin America founded by Saint John Paul II called Populorum Progressio Foundation, for which your ministry’s support is almost invaluable.

What is the significance of the Holy See granting Canonical Status to Cross Catholic Outreach in 2015?

Cardinal Turkson:
It’s a sign of recognition. It’s a sign the Church recognizes the ministry as a legal entity within the Church and as worthy representatives of the Church itself… meaning in terms of doctrine and what they do, they are ably representative of the Church. This recognition is a sign that the Holy See endorses what Cross Catholic is doing.

What advice would you give to the Body of Christ regarding Catholic social teaching and our duty to charity?

Cardinal Turkson:
Pope Benedict said, “You cannot love someone without being interested in the person’s social condition.” Pope John Paul II said, “Christianity is not a life limited to the sacristy.” The Christian life must be manifested, and to keep our flame of faith burning, we need the charity of Christ. We need the works of mercy. The works of charity are not an option for a Christian. They are the way every Christian makes his faith come alive. It [charity] becomes a living witness to the faith we profess.

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