Thank You!

Your intentions will be included in our prayers for donors on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15.

Your intentions will be included in our prayers for donors on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and offered up at a special Vatican Mass by His Eminence Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner for the Dicastery for the Service of Charity.

His Eminence Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner and first Prefect for the Dicastery for the Service of Charity has been instrumental in our efforts to provide relief, resources and hope to the poor and displaced. As we pray for your special intentions, please remember to include those needy souls in your own prayers. Tragically, there are many children, families and elderly people who continue to lack basic necessities like food, water and safe housing. Pray our worldwide ministry partners remain safe, strong and able to provide help where it is needed most!

God Bless You!

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski.
His Eminence Cardinal Krajewski will offer the sacrifice of the Mass at the Vatican for Cross Catholic Outreach supporters and partners.

Pray for Our Ministry Partners

Cross Catholic Outreach is a Vatican-endorsed Catholic relief and development ministry that provides aid to the poor around the world. As we pray for you, we kindly ask you to join us in praying for our ministry partners in developing countries.

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Partner Prayer Request

We pray for the continued protection and well-being of all the girls and Sisters at the Villa Mornese Home. We ask for prayers for the girls as they discover inner strength and confidence that only comes through Christ. We pray that God may continue transforming and healing their hearts and minds so they can serve the Lord in all that they do.

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Partner Prayer Request

Prayers for the continued health, security, and well-being of all the precious children of the Creamos Home. Prayers that every child continues to receive unconditional love after they leave the Home to their new adopted families. Lastly, prayers for the hearts and minds of the surrounding community so that there may be unity in working to break the chains that lead to many babies being abandoned and forgotten.


Partner Prayer Request

We ask for prayers for the people in rural Nicaragua. We are praying that they know the generous love of our Father. May they feel the presence of God each day and may their faith be strengthened as they partner with us. May their emotional, spiritual and physical needs be met. We ask for prayers for the leaders in each community in rural Nicaragua. May they continue to develop their leadership skills, confidence and vision for the future. May they continue to do it all with love, focusing on the greater good and the people of their communities. Finally, we are always praying for opportunities to get more people involved in our partnerships in rural Nicaragua. We pray for new connections and for generosity to be stirred in the hearts of those who are introduced to our organization.


Partner Prayer Request

Please pray for the families of children who experience insecurity due to violence, and for children who suffer psychological effects so that they can emerge from the trauma and be happy children who build peace.

We thank you, Lord, because in this social center many children, adolescents and women find a space where, beyond bodily food and food in wisdom, they receive care, opportunities and love as worthy children of God. Lord, we ask you to remain in this sacred space where we welcome so many boys and girls. May it always be a space in which you feel loved, respected and can flourish fully. May those of us who work in this Center always see your privileged love in children, and may they bring us closer to living your Kingdom project. Lord, may each child in the Children’s Kitchen and Nursery be appreciated and loved in their families, may their lives be protected and in the midst of their poverty, may they have food, education and a lot of love that strengthens them. Lord, we entrust to you all the people in the elderly program, so that in each encounter they feel appreciated, respected in a climate of freedom and welcome. May their lives improve with our efforts to provide them with good food, attention and care, so that by dignifying them they know how important they are to our society.

1. We pray for the health of all the brothers and sisters in the rural communities of the diocese who are suffering from kidney disease.

2. We ask the Lord for the crops of our brothers who are farmers, so that this year they have enough rain for their crops, allowing them to bring food to their families.

3. We ask the Lord for all the benefactors who, with their donations, make possible all the projects directed towards the poor families of our diocese.

4. We ask God to bless Cross Catholic Outreach, so that the Lord blesses all the people who make it up so that they continue to be a ray of hope for poor families around the world.

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Partner Prayer Request

We ask for prayers for vocations and for the Daughters of Charity of the Province of Central America. We also ask for prayers for the benefactors of this program.

Please pray for the health and well-being of every person who lives in the five communities we partner with and for every staff member.

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Partner Prayer Request

1. We ask Cross Catholic Outreach to pray for Mozambique, a country where poverty has taken over due to wars, natural disasters, cyclones, floods, droughts and political disagreements.

2. We pray for doctors, teachers, military members and police without salaries. Almost everyone with serious problems in life, many of whom owe debts, ends up committing suicide.

3. We ask that you pray to God for the leaders of Mozambique so that they lead the country with love, unity, peace and divine justice.

4. For the end of the war in Cabo Delgado, of murders, constant kidnappings, rape of women and minor children and trafficking in human organs.

5. For Association Cross Mozambique to serve beneficiaries with empathy, patience, affection, love and a spirit of sacrifice.

6. For the elderly abandoned by their families, orphaned children, patients, vulnerable families, the Bishop, Spiritual Director and all ACM collaborators.

7. We ask for prayers for the doctors’ strike in hospitals to cease as our brothers are dying. Please pray for the government to reach an agreement with health professionals so that they can resume their activities.

8. For peace in Mozambique, for the brothers who suffer violence from insurgents in Cabo Delgado and outbreaks in other provinces, and for the cost of living situation to improve and domestic violence to cease.

9. For the end of early pregnancy and the use of alcohol and drugs in schools that culminates in depression, marginalization and suicides of adolescents and young people.

10. Please pray for governmental and non-governmental partners and all ACM’s benefactors.


For hearts to be softened to the needs of the elderly in the community.

Dom. Republic

For employment for all who lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For good weather conditions that allow for abundant crop yields.


For the gift of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace in this war-torn country.


For the material and spiritual needs of girls served by the Little Disciples of Redemption.


For political peace and protection from droughts.


For protection for orphaned children and the elderly.


For improved medical care for cancer patients.

Child praying.