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Lead a Winning Team to Fight World Hunger

When your parish, school or group hosts a food packing event, you become a part of the solution. Join Cross Catholic Outreach to engage your faith community in a tangible Work of Mercy that will fill stomachs and nourish souls. Our dedicated team makes event planning simple, easy and fun.

Hosting a Cross Catholic Outreach food packing event is easy and meaningful:

Step 1

Contact us to begin the planning process.

Step 2

Organize and fundraise for your food packing experience.

Step 3

Pack meals and witness God’s compassion in action!

Step 3

Meals are shipped and delivered to families in need.

Rally your community to feed the hungry on behalf of the Church!

Or call 561-392-9212, ext. 158.

(Video from Charlie Seiter with full permission to use, featured: Melinda Seiter, St. Ignatius Parish Ministry Coordinator)

When you host a Cross Catholic Outreach food packing event, you’ll join the global Church to defend dignity and fight hunger. Learn more about how you can build a stronger faith community through this life-changing outreach.

The Following Chart Will Help You Plan Your Event Size, Location and Fundraising Goals:
# of meals packed:

$19,800 – Fundraising amount

# 125-175 – Volunteers needed

4 hours – Event time

# of meals packed:

$26,400 – Fundraising amount

# 150-200 – Volunteers needed

6 hours – Event time

# of meals packed:

$30,000 – Fundraising amount

# 300 – Volunteers needed

6 hours – Event time

# of meals packed:

$36,000 – Fundraising amount

# 300 + – Volunteers needed

8 hours – Event time

# of meals packed:

$60,000 – Fundraising amount

# 300 + – Volunteers needed

8 hours – Event time

# of meals packed:

$90,000 – Fundraising amount

# 300 + – Volunteers needed

8+ hours – Event time

Or call 561-392-9212, ext. 158.

A better future is possible

Food packing events provide nourishing meals to children and families around the world who don’t have enough to eat — children like Zaida Lopez in Guatemala’s Diocese of Suchitepéquez-Retalhuleu.

This bright 13-year-old dreams of becoming a doctor one day so she can be a blessing to her community. Vitafood meals have the right blend of protein, vitamins and nutrients to help children like Zaida focus on their studies and break the cycle of poverty.

Fuel brighter futures. Host a Cross Catholic Outreach food packing event in your community!

Or call 561-392-9212, ext. 158.

When you host a food packing event, you’ll share Christ’s mercy with children like Zaida Lopez.

”When I was hungry, you gave me food…”
Matthew 25:35

Or call 561-392-9212, ext. 158.

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Tonight, nearly one billion people around the world will go to bed hungry. In developing countries, the poorest of the poor cannot find enough food to sustain their families. Without food, many lack the strength to work or attend school; in the worst cases, hunger leads to starvation and even death. Malnutrition is especially dangerous to vulnerable populations, including orphans, young children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and families suffering from extreme poverty.

Catholic priests, sisters and lay missionaries in developing countries want to rescue the most vulnerable and fill stomachs with life-saving food along with the spiritual nourishment of the Gospel message. With your help, Cross Catholic Outreach can provide the resources these missionaries need to care for the “least of these.”

Your school, parish or organization can fight world hunger by hosting a Cross Catholic Outreach food packing event. This event brings your community together to pack Vitafood and raise the funds necessary to ship nutritious food to the poorest of the poor around the world.

Vitafood is a protein-rich food product scientifically formulated with key vitamins and nutrients to energize, strengthen and improve the health of malnourished children and families. The fortified rice, vegetable and soy meals are designed to help restore the health of malnourished children and provide a reliable source of food to orphanages, schools and hungry families. Meals are sealed in airtight packets to prolong shelf life and maximize the number of meals shipped in each container.

Cross Catholic Outreach ministry partners rely on shipments of Vitafood to feed hundreds of thousands of meals to hungry children and families in poverty-stricken areas such as Guatemala, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. For just 33 cents per meal, Cross Catholic can cost-effectively purchase and ship Vitafood meals hand-packed by you!

Everyone! Invite your family, friends and colleagues to join you. Collaborate with other local parishes, schools and organizations to start a community-wide movement. Come together as the Body of Christ to change the world!

An event will pack a minimum of 60,000 meals, at a cost of 33 cents per meal, for a total cost of $19,800. The more money you raise, the more meals that can be delivered to malnourished children around the world. If you want to dream big, 285,120 meals can be shipped for $85,536. Think of the impact!

We encourage you to raise awareness about world hunger throughout your community. You can inspire local involvement by soliciting corporate and individual sponsorships. Change our world by raising funds through a variety of fun activities, including car washes, bake sales, auctions and so much more!

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Hunger Across the World

Every day, nearly 811 million people don’t get enough food to sustain their bodies. Learn how Cross Catholic Outreach is helping those in need here.

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