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Feed the Desperately Hungry

Around the world, an estimated 820 million people* do not have enough to eat. This number has likely grown as the impact of COVID-19 has deprived many poor families of their livelihoods.

*Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Every $1 you donate allows us to provide, on average, 6 desperately needed meals!

In times of hardship, it is often the poorest, including hungry children, who suffer most.

They pray for help — and you can answer their prayers!

Fight Malnutrition

Around the Globe

Cross Catholic Outreach works with local priests, sisters and lay workers in developing countries around the world to be Christ’s hands and feet to the hungry.

We fund a variety of meals that are critical for school lunches, orphanages, nutrition centers and other services reaching thousands of vulnerable children and families who might otherwise go to bed on empty stomachs.

One way your support helps is by covering the cost to ship donated supplies of Vitafood — a nutritious, rice-based meal full of vitamins and minerals. Each package of Vitafood is enough to feed six people and is scientifically designed to meet the needs of severely malnourished children.

Provide food for hungry, malnourished children and families.

Every $1 you donate provides 6 meals to the poor!

“You all are the only reason we’re able to save any child. Please remember little Hauner in your prayers. And please support the work we carry out in faith, even when we fail.”

- Carlos Vargas, Hope of Life Ministries

Your Gift Is Making an Impact Already

One partner in Nicaragua shared this video of Vitafood containers, sent by friends like you, arriving to supply local feeding programs for the poor.

Malnourished Children Desperately Need Your Help!

No gift is more powerful than lifesaving food.




Nutritious Meals




Nutritious Meals




Nutritious Meals




Nutritious Meals

Join the Fight Against Hunger

Supply milk power to help feed malnourished children!

Read about Hauner’s story and support the work of feeding and rescue centers.

Join our efforts to bring clean water to those in need.

Change Even More Lives

Giving monthly is a small way to have a big impact. Your regular support empowers our ministry to respond to urgent needs and fulfill our long-term projects across the world.

Become a monthly donor today and experience the joy of impacting lives every month.

You Are in Our Prayers

Cross Catholic Outreach’s staff prays daily for friends of the ministry. Click below to submit your specific prayer intentions.

Answer the Call

Learn how you can engage in projects serving the poor and their communities around the world.

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Our mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Your gift empowers us to serve the poorest of the poor by channeling life-changing aid through an international network of dioceses, parishes and Catholic missionaries. This cost-effective approach helps break the cycle of poverty and advance Catholic evangelization.

Get the latest news and updates on how we’re transforming the poor and their communities.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2021, the close of our ministry’s new fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.