Giving Tuesday: Your Gift of Safe Housing will be Doubled

Contributions to provide safe housing in Guatemala will have double the impact

Bless those in desperate need of safe housing, and your gift will go twice as far. Between November 27 and December 3, any donation made to the safe housing campaign in Santa Rosa, Guatemala, will be matched by generous benefactors, up to $36,000.

Impoverished villagers struggle to afford decent housing and live in unsafe makeshift shacks that leak when it rains and buckle under strong winds. This fall, we have partnered with Father Raúl Monterroso to construct 40 concrete homes in the greater diocese.

To help meet this goal, generous benefactors will match your gift to this campaign through December 3. You can transform lives both spiritually and materially by blessing families in Santa Rosa with a new home.

Campaign Highlight

Your gift to help build 40 stormproof concrete homes in Santa Rosa will be matched with a donation by generous benefactors, up to $36,000

Answering the Plea for a Home

Rosa Santos Hernandez is a devoted mom who shares a ramshackle house with her teenage daughter, her grown son and his family.

They take turns sleeping in shifts in the tiny two-room home. When it rains, the dirt floor of her home becomes a mud pit. On sunny days, the house becomes as hot as an oven.

Thanks to generous donors and our partnership with Fr. Raúl, Rosa and her family will soon be blessed with the home they deserve.

“I have lived in this house my whole life, but I would give anything for my children to have something better.”

The Need for Housing in Santa Rosa

Like Rosa, many families in Santa Rosa have struggled under extreme poverty for generations.

Without the resources to afford quality housing, they live in shanties assembled from scraps of wood and tin. Homes lack basic amenities like electricity and running water. Some don’t even have windows or doors.

They are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Project Overview

Total number of homes: 40

Beneficiaries: 474 villagers

Impact:  4 communities spread throughout the diocese

Cost per house: $4,961

Materials: concrete walls and floor; galvanized steel roof

Size: 338 sq. ft. comprising  3 rooms

Features: secure doors and windows, an environmentally safe stove, wash basin, latrine, electrical wiring

The typical Santa Rosa home is 19’8″ x 19’8″ and includes three rooms, a sturdy concrete foundation, cement-block walls and a galvanized steel roof.

Father Raúl has a Plan to Transform Santa Rosa

For many families living in poverty, a new home is the first step toward a better life. Fr. Raúl’s plan for Santa Rosa includes the construction of 40 durable, cement-block houses with solid floors and waterproof roofs that will give the poor families the comfort and security they desperately need.

By supporting this outreach, you will also be supporting Fr. Raúl’s approach to community involvement. He feels every beneficiary family should participate in their home’s construction, preserving their dignity and a greater sense of ownership.

The Importance of Safe Homes

The new homes will give the poor families a level of comfort they only knew in their dreams.

  • •  Metal doors will provide security
  • •  Shuttered windows will let light in
  • •  Each house will be wired for electricity
  • •  The exterior will feature a clean-air stove
  • •  Also a sanitary latrine and a washbasin
  • •  Privacy for the family

Help Now

No one should be forced to live in a makeshift shack. Your loving gesture and generous gift will help restore hope and dignity to the community. Together, we can place poor families on a clear path to a brighter future — and strengthen their relationship with Christ.

Be a part of this Giving Tuesday miracle by helping to fund the construction of 40 new houses in Santa Rosa.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2021, the close of our ministry’s new fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.