Foundations and Other Grant Makers

Just as we collaborate with church-based ministries and other faith-based organizations in the developing world, we also want to partner with foundations to better serve the poor. Your organization can support our work to help the poor through the provision of a foundation grant or other award. 

Cross Catholic Outreach collaborates with aid partners who employ a community-oriented aid strategy and who strive  to increase the self-sufficiency of the poor. For our larger, more advanced partners, we provide not only financial and material resources but also collaborate with them as partners, helping with the vital functions of monitoring, reporting and financial accountability. They, in turn, offer that all-important grassroots connection to the community – absolutely vital to the provision of humanitarian aid. With our larger/more advanced partners, we have an even greater focus on outcomes and evidence-based programming, which dovetails nicely with the higher level reporting requirements of foundations and other grant-making entities. 

Regardless of partner size or complexity, in all we do we remain dedicated in our service to the Lord as good stewards of his resources in every challenge we seek to overcome. We work in partnership with church-based ministries and other faith-based organizations on the ground, creating an ideal synergy for the greatest impact. We are focused on the Lord, serving others with humility, fervor and love. 

Cross Catholic Outreach has received funding from over 300 foundations since inception. We are grateful for their generous support of our ministry.