Improve the Lives of Haiti’s Poor

With an income of less than $2.25 a day, Haiti's people are the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

Sadly, even the word Haiti evokes an impression of squalor and instability.

Many have heard stories about the nation’s terrible economic woes and civil unrest, or have seen images of the country’s poorest members living in shacks and suffering from hunger and malnutrition. They are also familiar with the major natural disasters Haiti has suffered in recent years.

But hope is not lost! There is no place on earth so broken God cannot reach it, and no society so torn that Christ cannot heal it.

With your generous help, Cross Catholic Outreach can equip its ministry partners in Haiti with the material and spiritual tools necessary to bring dignity and hope to our poorest Haitian brothers and sisters.

Your Acts of Mercy Defend Dignity and Restore Hope

In rural Haiti, Iphonese Derval and her family of five lived with hunger. They were sick from drinking unsafe water and lived in a crumbling mud-and-stick shack, open to the elements. To compound their suffering, there was no money to see a doctor or pay for medicines.

Seeing these hardships, the Kobonal Haiti Mission helped the family address its most urgent material needs. With the support of Cross Catholic donors, the mission built Iphonese a cement-block house with a latrine, and dug a community well to provide clean water. The mission also enrolled the family in a feeding program, thanks to funding from faithful Christian donors.

To empower the family’s situation for the long term, Iphonese was provided goats to raise for food and income. She was also blessed with a microloan to start a small business.

Generous donors saw a need and wanted to help. Thanks to their compassion, Iphonese and many families like hers now have their basic needs met. Living with newfound dignity and a restored hope in Christ, these families can focus on the future.

Join our efforts to defend dignity and restore hope in Haiti.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures to provide safe and secure housing incurred through June 30, 2020, the close of our ministry’s new fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.