A girl receives a health kit from a medical outreach in the Dominican Republic.

Restoring Health and Hope Through Catholic Medical Missions

Make an Impact Worldwide

At least half the world’s people do not have access to essential medical services, either because they cannot afford care or because they live in remote communities that are too far from hospitals and clinics. Under these circumstances, even a minor ailment can turn into a life-or-death health crisis simply because it is not treated in time.

To address this urgent need, Cross Catholic Outreach is empowering Catholic ministry partners in developing countries to serve the poor in these areas, including the Good Samaritan Hospital in the Dominican Republic. Through outreaches like theirs, deeply impoverished communities around the world can receive quality health care and the most vulnerable in society are having their hope restored.

Last year, friends like you helped us deliver medicines and medical supplies, to 16 different countries. This critical support helps our partners ensure medical services are available to everyone who needs them and minor illnesses and injuries do no escalate into life-altering incapacitation, pain and death.

This year, your generous gift will continue to fuel this mission of mercy, restoring health and hope among the very poor.

Cross Catholic Outreach was recently featured on “EWTN News In Depth.” Watch the video to be inspired by the Church's work in the Dominican Republic!

Maternal Health Crisis

Life is a gift, but pregnancy is hard work — and impoverished mothers need all the support they can get in the months before they deliver. That means doctor visits, sonograms, prenatal vitamins, pain medications and a safe place to give birth, among other things. It also means quality follow-up care for both mom and baby. Sadly, many mothers around the world endure the experience without some or even any of those things. In Guatemala, for example, nearly 3 in 10 births take place without the help of a skilled health attendant.

The situation gets even more perilous when an outbreak of malaria or the flu occurs. A woman raising an infant amid the sugarcane fields of the Dominican Republic can’t just go to the clinic. That’s because there is no clinic — not within walking distance — forcing her to make an agonizing decision whether to spend her last peso on a taxi to see a doctor or on food to feed her family.

But there is hope, and you can give that hope today.

Highlighted Partner

Good Samaritan Hospital

One way your gift to Cross Catholic Outreach can meet important health care needs is by sending critical supplies to Good Samaritan Hospital, which is committed to providing free care to the poor in La Romana, Dominican Republic, as well as through its vast network of clinics, churches and other partners throughout the country.

Moises talks to a beneficiary in the sugarcane batey.

No one is turned away from Good Samaritan Hospital, and your support will ensure this continues to be the case. No matter a patient’s ability to pay, the sick receive treatment, women receive maternity care, and patients have access to life-changing surgery. In the remote bateyes, families depend on this network to get even the most basic aid such as aspirin or cold medicine. Good Samaritan’s CEO, Moises Sifren, was born in a batey, and his mother’s preventable death from pregnancy complications was the inspiration for the hospital’s founding. Moises wants to ensure that no mother is ever abandoned in her time of need.

Cross Catholic Outreach believes in Moises’ cause and is rallying Catholics to support Good Samaritan Hospital and other medical partners around the world. We have received generous donations of large quantities of the medicines, supplies and equipment our partners have urgently asked for, but we need your support to ship those goods where they are most needed. We also need your support to send strategic grants that empower our partners to effectively serve the vulnerable.

In the Dominican Republic, Good Samaritan Hospital is sharing the hope of Christ with the poor through quality health care services.

How We Support Catholic Medical Missions

Working together as the hands and feet of Christ, we can extend hope and healing around the world. When you donate to care for the sick through Cross Catholic Outreach, you provide support for:

Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Staff

The critical funding you provide allows our partners to operate health facilities, pay essential staff, and reach remote communities with mobile clinics and health trainings.

Medicines, Supplies & Equipment

We receive donations of medicines and medical supplies — and you can help us ship those lifesaving resources to hospitals, clinics and other outreaches in developing countries worldwide.

For every $1 donated, we are able to ship approximately $255 worth of medicines and medical supplies. That means a gift of just $1,500 can ship up to $382,000 worth of lifesaving supplies to those who need them most.

Help Mothers and Their Babies

Miguelina’s baby had diarrhea, and the little girl’s forehead was burning up. Mom was sick too, but what could she do? There is no health clinic in Batey 62. It is a remote community of poor sugarcane laborers and their families in the Dominican Republic — and medicines of any sort are hard to come by there.

Miguelina was fortunate in this case. During the flu outbreak in her community, they received a visit from Good Samaritan Hospital’s mobile medical clinic. Miguelina told the doctor she thought she might be pregnant again, so they did a test that produced a negative result. The doctor gave her medicine and vitamins, then cleared up an apparent misunderstanding, telling her: You don’t have to be pregnant to be readmitted to the hospital; go and get the care you need.

Miguelina and her baby girl were able to receive care at Good Samaritan Hospital’s mobile medical clinic.

Your support will help ministries like Good Samaritan Hospital care for both mothers and their babies. Help now and provide much-needed relief!

Patients like Albert need help from compassionate Catholics like you to get the medical care they need.

Too Injured to Work

Albert was hit by a truck while riding his motorcycle home from work. The public hospital could not provide the care he needed; so, 21 days later, he was transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital with multiple fractures up and down both legs and suffering immense pain.

Unable to work and unable to afford private care, Albert faced the grim prospect of spiraling into deep poverty and despair. Because he was needed as a caretaker to Albert, his brother Josue was also unable to work.

Today, both men have smiles on their faces, thanks to the Catholic outreach that helped address their needs. Albert believes he will recover, thanks to the volunteer orthopedic surgical team from the United States. As he waited for his next surgery, Albert told us God was with him and that “with God all things are possible.”

While volunteer surgeons want to continue to bless people like these, they have a challenge. They can only bring as much equipment as they can fit in their suitcases. To fully serve patients like Albert, they depend on donated supplies and equipment shipped by Cross Catholic Outreach. That’s why we need your help!

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.

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