Send aid to meet the most urgent needs of the poor.

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This flexible gift allows Cross Catholic Outreach to address very urgent needs and respond to unforeseen requests for help. It also provides emergency supplies when disasters strike and keeps critical programs from shutting down when unexpected problems arise. Give to Most Urgent Needs enabling our partners to remain instruments of God’s mercy even when they face extreme challenges.

Your gift will help priests, religious sisters and other dedicated Catholic missionaries better serve the poorest of the poor.

Give Monthly to help us respond to our most urgent needs year round.

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures to provide Christmas Catalog items to families and children in need incurred through June 30, 2020, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.