Impact Report: November 2019

See some of the ways you have given the poor hope!

As Christ’s followers, we are called to imitate his actions — to be his hands and feet in the world, to take the good news of salvation to the brokenhearted, and to give generously for the sake of others.

As we mark the third annual World Day of the Poor this month, we are called by Pope Francis to remember the suffering and the needs of our poorest sisters and brothers with special attention. In thinking of them, praying for them, and giving to help them, we grow closer to Christ and to his word. As you know, to serve him, we must be willing to embrace a lifestyle of service and love.

Throughout 2019, you have demonstrated servanthood to the poor through Cross Catholic Outreach in incredible ways. Your generous contributions have provided deep blessings. You’ve been instrumental in providing lifesaving food, safe housing, clean water, education, and relief after natural disasters.

Water Wells, Catholic Diocese of Chipata

Leonisa Phiri is the headwoman of the Kuchumbo village, population: about 230. There is finally clean water for her village's needs. She can’t stop praising God for the dramatic change in her community since a clean water well was installed thanks to you and other friends of Cross Catholic Outreach.

Brothers of Good Works Community-Based Rehabilitation Program

Veronika Besufikadi, 5, was born with hydrocephaly, a condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain. She’s had three surgeries to address her neck, vision, and struggle with walking. After participating in the Brothers of Good Works Rehabilitation Program supported by Cross Catholic for six months, Veronika was able to enroll in school.

St. Joseph of the Apparition Nutrition Center

Jeanette Joseph’s husband passed away, leaving her to care for five boys all on her own. Desperate to feed her kids, she married again. After Jeanette gave birth to another son, her second husband abandoned her with few resources and no place to live. She manged to build a one-room hut for shelter, but the family suffered in inhumane conditions.

God Bless You for Your Servant’s Heart!

As you can see, your loving generosity has fed the hungry, cared for orphaned and vulnerable children, delivered safe water, and healed the sick. These are just a few of the good works made possible because of your out-of-the-ordinary commitment to the least of our sisters and brothers.

Working through Cross Catholic Outreach, you’re addressing critical needs of children and families who have no one else to help them. You wash the feet of the poor with the same compassion Christ showed – and with the same commitment to servanthood.

May God bless you for your servant’s heart and for helping us to put Christ’s love into action where it is most needed!

Thank you for being a true follower of Christ, not just in word, but also in deed.
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Our mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Your gift empowers us to serve the poorest of the poor by channeling life-changing aid through an international network of dioceses, parishes and Catholic missionaries. This cost-effective approach helps break the cycle of poverty and advance Catholic evangelization.