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Cross Catholic Outreach gives faithful American Catholics unique opportunities to empower the global Church to serve the poor in Christ’s name through specific works of mercy around the world. In this way, your generosity equips priests, nuns and lay leaders to meet the most urgent needs in their communities and proclaims God’s love in both word and deed.

The facts and figures we provide here are much more than a compilation of data and statistics. Yes, they show the value of the grants and in-kind goods distributed over the past year — but they also tell a powerful story of lives saved, villages transformed and hearts forever changed.

*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2018. The detailed outputs are activities completed within fiscal year 2018; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.

Financial statement: 95.24% Goes to Program Services and 4.76% goes to Fundraising & Admin Expenses

To get a better idea of how our shared mission impacts the world, simply select one of the aid categories listed below. On each page, you’ll find data and concrete examples from specific projects that illustrate the incredible work being done.  You can also click here to learn more about the data collection and monitoring processes that keep our projects accountable, effective and growing!

The stats and stories featured here are only the result of God’s grace working through his people. All over the world, struggling families are encountering Christ because of those who selflessly share their resources in regions of deepest need.