Box of Joy Impact

Your Gifts Blessed Children With the Hope of Christ

In developing countries such as Haiti and Nicaragua, many children have never experienced the joy of opening a Christmas present. This is because their parents must spend every penny of their meager incomes on basic necessities such as food and medicine.

Box of Joy® gives schools, parishes, organizations and families a fun, hands-on opportunity to bless these children with their very first Christmas gifts. The gift boxes are filled with toys, clothing, school supplies, a rosary and The Story of Jesus, and then Cross Catholic Outreach delivers them to a needy community as part of a broader poverty-relief effort in partnership with a local mission, a diocese or another ministry.

In 2021, an incredible 106,276 children received a Box of Joy. Distributions were held in seven countries: Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.


Box of Joy


A smiling young girl holds her opened Box of Joy gift box.
Little girl with her Box of Joy.

One of our recent Box of Joy distributions took place in rural Nicaragua, where our longtime partner, Rainbow Network, ministers faithfully to families in need. The children who participate in Rainbow Network’s enrichment programs receive much-needed nutrition and educational reinforcement. Many have benefited in other ways as well, such as receiving sturdy concrete-block homes. Rainbow Network collaborated with the local Red Cross to deliver the gift boxes throughout several communities.

One happy recipient of this blessing was Luz Marina Rodriguez. Luz is 5 years old and lives in the community of El Corozo with her father and two younger brothers. On the morning of the gift distribution, Luz was the first in her house to wake up. She immediately ran to prepare her father’s horse so the family could go to the “Day of Joy” event. She was eager to get there on time! When Luz finally received her gift, her brilliant smile was a blessing to everyone present. Her father, David, sincerely thanked Cross Catholic Outreach for sharing such a beautiful moment with his children.

“Without a doubt, it was unforgettable,” he said.



Box of Joy began in 2014. Since then, it has grown year after year, reaching parishes throughout the U.S. and bringing joy to tens of thousands of children in developing countries.

Spiritual Focus

Each child who receives a Box of Joy also receives a booklet in his or her own language that tells the story of Jesus. Since the program is implemented through our trusted Catholic ministry partners, a bridge is built between the local Catholic parish and the poor.

Benefits of Participating

When families pack Boxes of Joy, it teaches generosity, fosters greater awareness of world poverty and instills a desire to put our faith into action.

Easy to Participate

Use a Cross Catholic Outreach gift box or choose one of your own; choose the gender and age of your child; pack your box with toys, games, candy and practical items; make a $9 donation to cover shipping and support ministries; and then drop off your box at your local parish, school or drop-off center.

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