Disaster Impact

$9.5 million in recovery supplies shipped

To be a true friend of the poor, we must meet their needs when disasters strike. During these challenging times, Cross Catholic Outreach works through its partners on the ground to deliver immediate relief supplies and support long-term recovery efforts.

In 2018, Cross Catholic Outreach shipped more than $9.5 million in recovery supplies to Kenya, Haiti, Guatemala, Dominica, and the Dominican Republic, as well as within the U.S. These deliveries were nothing short of a godsend to hurricane, volcano, drought and famine survivors who were desperately praying for help.

Take, for example, the survivors of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano eruption. Cross Catholic Outreach partnered with Friends for Health and Life to bring immediate relief for these suffering families and begin rebuilding their homes.


Volcano Disaster Relief

Guatemala - Project 9030

On June 3, 2018, the Fuego volcano erupted, destroying the entire village of San Miguel Los Lotes. Traumatized survivors spent the next several months living in overcrowded shelters and grieving tremendous losses of life. Cross Catholic Outreach responded by providing immediate shipments of food and medication before funding the construction of new homes in a housing community called New Jerusalem.

Fast Facts


In partnership with Cross International, Cross Catholic Outreach shipped 6,000 tubes of corticosteroid cream for burn victims and more than 27,000 doses of antibiotics to treat injuries.


A 40-foot shipping container of Vitafood was also distributed in order to meet an immediate need for food in the shelters.


88 houses have now been fully constructed — the very first permanent homes built for displaced survivors. Fourteen were fully funded by Cross Catholic donors, and all 88 received Cross-donated materials, such as plumbing, roofing and sealant.


One playground was shipped to New Jerusalem, bringing great joy to the community’s children.


Cross Catholic Outreach funds provided $100,000 to this project in 2018.
*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2018. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2018; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.