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Your Gifts Provided Catholic Education to the Next Generation

Providing education is essential to our process of helping children. In fact, it is the primary way we can break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for generations. A quality education sharpens problem-solving abilities, builds job skills and stimulates lifelong learning, and the economic benefits it provides are staggering. Those who are educated gain a global average of a 9% increase in hourly wages for each year of additional classwork they complete.

Unfortunately, 258 million children are not enrolled in school worldwide.

In developing countries, poor children often go without education because their parents can neither afford tuition nor provide their children with the necessary uniforms. That’s why Cross Catholic Outreach is committed to empowering Catholic education initiatives, allowing every child to succeed. In fiscal year 2021, your support funded 90 education projects in 16 countries. Cross Catholic Outreach sponsored projects such as school construction; primary, secondary and university scholarships; teachers’ salaries; feeding programs; boarding houses; and much more. In Peru, your support helped the Heart of Jesus School, run by the Jesuits of Peru, to feed students and their families while school was unable to operate in person due to pandemic restrictions, and to provide teachers’ salaries.



St. Joseph Training Institute

In Haiti, the St. Joseph Training Institute is the only school in the region with a special plan to help older children whose education has been delayed due to poverty or other factors. The curriculum allows students to complete first through sixth grades in just four years and the school also offers job training and family support.

“We hope to give these young people all the tools they need to succeed in life so they can enter adulthood in a position of strength,” said Nirva Desdunes, director of St. Joseph Training Institute. For hundreds of Jacmel’s poorest children who are too old to start primary school, St. Joseph is a second chance to achieve the success that Nirva envisions.

The school offers vocational training classes in agronomy, tailoring, health and construction, as well as fine arts classes such as dance and theater. In fiscal year 2021, Cross Catholic Outreach donors supported 115 student scholarships and also povided daily meals and staff salaries. Thank you for providing hope for the future for these precious students!



Cross Catholic Outreach supporters provided the funds for 115 children to receive scholarships.

Practical Skills

Vocational training provides practical skills for students so they are prepared to enter the workforce when they graduate. Students learn about agronomy, tailoring, health and construction.


Cross Catholic Outreach provided $60,000 for this project in 2021.

Agricultural Training

A special feature of the school is the agriculture training offered to students at the on-campus farm. This gives students the knowledge they need to grow their own food and to earn income as adults.

The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2021. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2021; uncompleted activities are carried over into the next fiscal year.

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