Jose Muño is 9 years old and relies on his blind father’s small farm for food. When the dry season comes, Vitafood is what keeps the young boy’s family and others like them from malnourishment.
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Food Impact

Partnering to Combat the Hunger Crisis

Our world faces the largest food crisis in modern history with as many as 828 million people suffering from hunger. In direct response, U.S. Catholics have linked arms with Cross Catholic Outreach’s global feeding programs to pack and ship protein-rich Vitafood meals to hunger-prone communities around the world.

Last year alone, Cross Catholic Outreach supporters funded 24 feeding projects in 17 countries, blessing thousands of needy families with both practical aid and the spiritual sustenance of the Church. Plus, more than 37 million Vitafood meals were distributed. Each meal is scientifically formulated with the right blend of protein, vitamins and nutrients to improve health. Supplying this food is important because it frees up limited resources of poor families, allowing them to fulfill other important needs such as obtaining medicines, making house repairs and providing for their children’s education.

In Kobonal, Haiti, you and other compassionate donors helped provide 250 of the area’s poorest families with basic food ingredients to keep their families well fed. In the Dominican Republic, the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation regularly visited bateyes to distribute Vitafood. Your contribution allowed us to send that partner 15 containers, resulting in the distribution of 3 million Vitafood meals!

Fiscal Year 2023 Impact

Grants Provided
Vitafood Meals Shipped
Fed Through Community Feeding Programs
Vitafood meals Shipped in Response to Disaster Relief



Religious sisters hand a bag of dry food ingredients to a community member.
Daughters of the Redeemer handing out food to needy families in the community.

In Zambia, 54% of the population lives in poverty and food is so scarce that 48% of the population is undernourished. This can create a sense of hopelessness among parents who fear the possibility of their homegrown crop yields being low or worry when too few customers come to their small retail businesses. Now, a new feeding program run by the Daughters of the Redeemer is bringing hope to these Zambian families.

The Daughters of the Redeemer worked hard to find solutions to the hunger they saw rampant in their community. Thanks to friends like you, the success of their new food program was made possible, and Cross Catholic Outreach was able to ship them three shipping containers. This meant 801,474 vitamin-fortified meals reached families in need. This new distribution outreach provided meals regularly to 125 families — feeding 625 men, women and children!

Fast Facts


Cross Catholic Outreach has been partnering with the Daughters of the Redeemer in bringing relief to poor Zambians since 2016.


The Daughters of the Redeemer is a local Zambian community whose charism is “to share intimately and wholeheartedly in the redemptive work of Christ.”

Medical Aid

The sisters also provide medical aid at the Mangango Mission Hospital, serving approximately 64,000 people in the area.

Other Outreaches

In addition to providing food, past support helped provide safe water, educational opportunities and agriculture training.

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2025, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.