Housing Impact

Your Gifts Built Safe, Secure Homes for Families in Need

Worldwide, 1 in 8 people live in slums or slum-like conditions, and those from developing countries typically suffer the most. In places like Haiti and Guatemala, for example, poor families seek shelter in houses built with sticks, discarded plastic, metal sheets, scrap lumber and cardboard, with no plumbing or electricity.

Cross Catholic Outreach empowers Catholic ministries to build and repair houses for these families in need. The priests, sisters and Catholic lay missionaries serving overseas know that God’s Word is true: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1), and that’s why they keep the Gospel at the center of their mission to house the destitute. The gift of safe shelter gives families a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their lives!

In 2021, your compassion provided safe shelter for families in 11 countries. In Mozambique, your support funded the construction of new homes and rehabilitation of existing homes for orphan families that were living in horrendous conditions, through the ministry of Association Cross Mozambique. Each home was made of concrete blocks, with a cement floor, a sturdy roof, a lockable door and a latrine for improved sanitation.

In Nicaragua, your support funded the construction of eight clean-air kitchens. Since most Nicaraguan homes lack electricity, many meals must be cooked on indoor wood-burning stoves. Not only does this lead to an increase in burn risks, but also it creates problems with smoke inhalation and can eventually lead to chronic lung disease. But clean-air kitchens, provided by Cross Catholic Outreach’s donors, were an answer to prayers and a welcome relief!



Kobonal Haiti Mission Housing

In 2021, Cross Catholic Outreach partnered with Father Glenn Meaux and the Kobonal Haiti Mission to build 25 homes and repair 60 existing homes for families in need of safe shelter. For many of the families that lived in dilapidated mud-and-stick shacks, these sturdy concrete homes are the first secure shelter they’ve ever lived in!

One of these grateful recipients is Veronique Fenelus and her family. She used to live with her husband and children in a small hut with a flimsy roof made of rusted metal sheets. “[The house] was broken, and I had to tie it up with blankets and with the children’s clothes, and with sacks,” she explained. “I didn’t sleep because I didn’t feel safe; that’s why I spent so many nights sitting and watching.”

Veronique and her family moved into their brand-new Kobonal home — a result of years of midnight prayers. Her family was one of 25 that received the priceless gift of safe shelter, thanks to your generous support. Veronique is giving glory to God for this precious gift. “Every day before getting up and before going to bed, I pray and thank God. I ask him to give me a good day and a good night without problems. I am always thankful to the Lord.”


Durable Houses

Fr. Meaux’s team builds sturdy, four-room homes with concrete walls and floors and a galvanized steel roof — a huge upgrade from mud-and-stick homes. Each new house is both hurricane and earthquake resistant and has solar power and basic electricity and an outdoor latrine with a lockable door.


In 2021, Cross Catholic Outreach provided $248,873 to this project.


The average Kobonal house is built in five days, a testament to the efficiency of the ministry!

Holistic Ministry

Fr. Meaux has built his ministry on providing for both the material and spiritual needs of the poor from a holistic perspective. Cross Catholic Outreach donors also funded clean water, Catholic education, nutritious food, a medical clinic, agriculture and Catholic spiritual formation. Praise God!

The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2021. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2021; uncompleted activities are carried over into the next fiscal year.

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