Housing Impact

Your Gifts Built Safe, Secure Homes for Families in Need

Worldwide, 1 in 8 people live in slums or slum-like conditions, and those from developing countries typically suffer most. In places like Haiti and Guatemala, for example, poor families seek shelter in houses built with sticks, discarded plastic, metal sheets, scrap lumber and cardboard, with no plumbing or electricity. Your support for Cross Catholic Outreach empowered Catholic ministries to build or repair houses for these families in need. The priests, sisters and Catholic lay missionaries serving overseas know that God’s Word is true: “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1), and that’s why they keep the Gospel at the center of their mission to house the destitute. The gift of safe shelter gives families a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their lives!

In 2020, your compassion provided safe shelter for families in 12 countries. In Haiti, your support empowered Father Glenn Meaux and his team at Kobonal Haiti Mission to build 60 safe, sturdy homes with latrines for 514 people and repaired an additional 60 homes for a total of 607 people. New houses include four rooms, a porch, a sturdy cement foundation, and a waterproof, galvanized steel roof.

In the Dominican Republic, FUNDASEP, the Diocese of San Juan de la Managua’s outreach arm, built eight new homes, repaired nine additional houses and constructed 16 latrines for families in need. The ministry uses a low-cost, durable design that effectively shelters poor Dominican families and withstands powerful storms using concrete panels and metal frames.










Santa Rosa Housing

Safe shelter is a primary need for Guatemala’s impoverished families. Father Raúl Monterroso and his team in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima focus on providing solid concrete homes with durable roofs to families in need. These houses are just one step in the ministry’s efforts to transform entire communities with the love of Christ.

In 2020, the ministry built 20 durable, concrete block houses for families in need, complete with durable roofs, electricity, a clean-air stove, a washbasin and a sanitary latrine.

The Hernandez family is one of the grateful recipients of your commitment to provide safe shelter to families in need. In the family’s old house, the scrap wood walls and tin roof offered little protection from the elements, and on sunny days, the heat inside was unbearable. But now, the family sleeps soundly in their new home, knowing they don’t have to fear the wind, the rain or outside predators. Because of your generosity to safe housing initiatives, families like the Hernandezes are rejoicing.


Durable Houses

Fr. Raul’s team constructs durable, concrete block houses with a solid floor and a sturdy roof. They are wired for electricity and include a sanitary latrine, a washbasin and a clean-air stove to make indoor cooking safe.


The Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima is one of Cross Catholic Outreach’s Community Transformation partners.  To transform families and communities, Fr. Raul’s team provides safe homes, clean water systems, education and agricultural training. Each one of these programs is grounded in Catholic spiritual formation that proclaims the truth of the Gospel.


In 2020, Cross Catholic Outreach provided $188,137 to this project.

Spiritual Impact

Each family’s home is dedicated to the Lord and housing recipients are encouraged to participate in the People’s Holy Mission, the diocese’s spiritual outreach arm.  The People’s Holy Mission encourages parish members to meet weekly in a lay Catholic leader’s house. At these meetings, members enjoy fellowship, read and discuss the Bible, pray, worship, and strategize about ministering to their local community.

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