Health Impact

Your Gifts for Medical Aid Healed the Sick and Mended Broken Hearts

Because we believe that every life is precious to God, Cross Catholic Outreach provides support and resources to free and affordable health programs serving the poor. It is a mission of mercy that ensures even the most disadvantaged families receive the preventive care and medical treatments they deserve.

In fiscal year 2021, we continued to empower our Catholic ministry partners to look after the needs of the sick and injured throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, Cross Catholic Outreach shipped about $298.2 million worth of medicines and medical supplies and funded the construction of three medical centers that will serve 16,895 people. There was also the less tangible, but no less important, impact on hearts and souls as our Catholic partners ministered to the poor with the love of Christ the Healer.

For example, in Bolivia, your support empowered the San Lucas Health Foundation to provide poor families in remote mountain villages as well as homeless street dwellers with health care. And in Haiti, you helped treat and screen women for breast cancer through the Diocese of Jeremie’s Women’s Health Program.



St. Thomas Rural Health Center

The Daughters of the Redeemer’s Sister Matilda and Sister Grace are ministering to Zambia’s poor with the hope and healing of Christ.

In Zambia, Cross Catholic Outreach partnered with the Daughters of the Redeemer to build St. Thomas Rural Health Center in the small community of Mutangama. Previously, the nearest health clinic was miles away. And because local families had no access to affordable transportation and the roads were treacherous to navigate, most let their basic health care needs go untreated. Even when needs were serious, few wanted to brave the five-hour walk to the distant clinic! As a result, many pregnant women faced a terrible choice — walk to the clinic while in labor or give birth at home. Some of the unluckiest gave birth while traveling on the road to the clinic.

Thanks to the construction of St. Thomas Rural Health Center, Mutangama’s poorest families are now receiving proper care and experiencing the comfort of Christ through the loving Daughters of the Redeemer’s care. This gift has relieved a major financial burden on local families too because they no longer face the transportation and medicine expenses the distant clinic required of them. Praise God that Cross Catholic Outreach donors stepped up to meet this great need!


Adequate Space

The new health center has 30 rooms, giving plenty of space for the sisters to minister to the sick.

Mothers’ Shelter

The St. Thomas Rural Health Center features a mothers’ shelter, a place for pregnant women to stay while they wait to give birth.

Staff Housing

The health center features four staff houses, giving workers a safe place to live nearby.

Medical Equipment

Cross Catholic Outreach funds were used to purchase needed medical equipment, including an oxygen cylinder and gauge, an oxygen concentrator, an automated hematology analyzer, a nebulizer, an electric POP cutter, patient trolleys, wheelchairs, hospital beds, and much more!

The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2021. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2021; uncompleted activities are carried over into the next fiscal year.

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