Microenterprise Impact

Your Gifts Lift the Poor Onto the Path to Self-Sufficiency

At Cross Catholic Outreach, we ultimately want families to achieve self-sufficiency so they no longer need to rely on outside support. We can accomplish this through job training and by equipping individuals with the resources they need to launch a small businesses or be more productive when working the land. By providing families with farm animals, agricultural support or small loans, donors like you help them discover their potential and achieve their goals through our Microenterprise programs.

Our economic development programs significantly raise participants’ standard of living while also increasing their sense of dignity and self-respect. Many participants are single mothers who struggle because they are both the primary caretaker and breadwinner for their children. The eyes of these women light up as they proudly share how the economic investment you provided has allowed them to put food on the table and afford the medicines, clothes and school fees their children need.

In fiscal year 2021, you helped us continue this transformative work. For example, we partnered with a ministry in Nicaragua to provide pigs and animal husbandry business training to families in Nicaragua. In Haiti, we partnered with Father Glenn Meaux’s Kobonal Haiti Mission to empower community members with small business loans.



Kobonal Microloans

Woman in her store window

In Haiti, the Kobonal Haiti Mission is empowering the poor with practical training and an opportunity to support their families with meaningful work. With your help, aspiring entrepreneurs in the Central Plateau were able to build their own small businesses, awarding 176 new microloans to families in need in fiscal year 2021. Examples of businesses include small home stores, bakeries, farms or tailoring shops.

One of the people you helped was Elieze Desamour. She used a microloan to build a small business out of the house built through the ministry of the Mission and friends of Cross Catholic Outreach. She sells things like ice, rice, sugar, flour, seasonings, bread and much more. Both the house and the microloan have changed her life, helping her provide a better future for her children. “Because the Mission noticed the need in the community, it helped my business grow,” she said.


Loan Size

Depending on the size of the project and the personal experience of the beneficiary, Kobonal Haiti Mission awards loans in two sizes, larger loans are worth about $500 and smaller loans are worth around $100.

Low Interest Loans

Participants agree to repay the loan along with five percent interest. All loan repayments are then reinvested into the program to support additional small business loans for more families. Families are also encouraged to give back to their community in other ways, such as donating livestock manure for fertilizer.

Mentorship and Training

Each participating entrepreneur is provided with small business training before beginning. Over the course of the year, the Mission meets with each family every three months to ensure progress is being made.

Long-Term Success

The Mission reports that the loan repayment rate is 98%, a testament to the effectiveness of the structure and community buy-in to the program.

The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2021. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2021; uncompleted activities are carried over into the next fiscal year.

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