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Your Gifts Lift the Poor Onto the Path to Self-Sufficiency

It is incredible to see what low-income families can do when they are empowered. One way this is accomplished is by generously equipping them with the resources and education they need to earn a living through their own small businesses. By providing families with farm animals, agricultural support or small loans, donors like you help them discover their potential and achieve their goals.

Our economic development programs have proven to significantly raise participants’ standard of living while also increasing their sense of dignity and self-respect. Many participants are single mothers who have struggled to be both the primary caretaker and the breadwinner for their children, and their eyes light up as they tell you how they are putting food on the table and affording medicine, clothes and school fees.

In fiscal year 2020, you helped us continue this transformative work. For example, we partnered with the Brothers of Good Works in Ethiopia to lift destitute women out of prostitution and a life of begging by equipping them with training, mentorship, supplies and supervision to start small businesses. And in Nicaragua, we provided farmers with pigs and the resources needed to raise them for sale in the country’s high-demand pork market.










Amigos for Christ Animal Husbandry

In 2020, Cross Catholic Outreach partnered with Amigos for Christ to provide pigs for eight capable but struggling families. This included pigpen materials, feed, training and veterinary services as well as the pigs. The pigs came from Amigos’ own farm, where professional breeders have been using modern techniques to produce healthy piglets that farmers can raise and fatten for sale. After five months, our ministry partner sells the pigs at the market and gives the profits to the farmers ($300 to $500 per pig), helping them support their families as they work to build fully self-sustaining businesses in animal husbandry.



A total of 20 pigs were raised, fattened to an average of 189 lbs. and sold for 24 Nicaraguan córdoba (about $0.69) per lb., or a total of about $2,600.


Cross Catholic Outreach provided $18,300 in support during the fiscal year.


Our local partner has developed its own mix of pig feed that is both healthier and more cost-effective than what local farmers can access on the market.

Evolving Project

This is a new project still in the development stage, as our ministry partner consults with experts to expand and upgrade its facilities to meet the high demand for healthy piglets.

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