Water Impact

You’ve Quenched the Poor’s Thirst With Living Water

Clean water positively transforms lives because it reduces illness, eases the labor burden on children and helps local farmers grow bountiful crops to support healthy diets. While these are undeniable benefits, a safe, reliable water source is important for another reason as well. It restores the dignity of families and leads them to explore the Living Water offered by Jesus Christ.

With your help, Cross Catholic Outreach has been able to establish lifesaving community wells and water systems around the globe. In fiscal year 2021 alone, your generosity blessed families in 12 countries with water and sanitation projects. In Haiti, for example, Cross Catholic Outreach’s donors helped Father Glenn Meaux build two wells and repair seven existing wells through the ministry of the Kobonal Haiti Mission. In Kenya, your support empowered Father Fabian Hevi’s Water for Life initiative to build 10 wells, benefiting an astounding 67,177 people!



Diocese of Karonga Water

Diocese of Karonga Water

In Malawi, your support empowered the Diocese of Karonga to build four hand-pump wells for communities that had been relying on contaminated groundwater that often made families sick. The diocese also provided water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) trainings to families in five communities, providing the resources necessary to care for the wells properly while improving the health and hygiene of the participants.

These water projects are life changing! They supply households with water for cooking, drinking and cleaning. Through your support, the diocese has been able to remove the threats of unsafe water that children, mothers and the elderly face on a daily basis!

One of the people you impacted was Christina Malanga, a mother of three living in a small community that once had no access to clean water. She had to walk miles to the nearest borehole, and that water made her children sick. When a hand-pump well was installed in her community, her family was finally able to enjoy the priceless gift of safe, abundant water!

“We feel blessed with the water project implemented by the Diocese of Karonga. It has brought us relief in terms of access to clean water,” she said. “We now have more time to spend on equally important activities at our house, including farming and taking care of the children.”

Praise God for what he’s done through your support in Malawi!


New Wells

In 2021, your support empowered the Diocese of Karonga to drill four wells for communities in need.

Community Training

The diocese provided WASH training to five communities. These trainings provide a road map for safe well and hygiene practices by teaching people about the dangers of drinking contaminated water, maintaining a well, and hygiene practices such as hand-washing and collecting water in clean containers.

People Impacted

This project brought clean water to 732 children and 583 adults throughout the diocese.

The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2021. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2021; uncompleted activities are carried over into the next fiscal year.

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