1. Sisters Stella and Cynthia fetch water at a dam more than 5 kilometers from their Kenyan village.


From Miles to Meters: Bless 15 More Villages With Safe, Life-Giving Water


That’s the number of Kenyans who no longer suffer from thirst and waterborne illnesses thanks to the generous donations from Cross Catholic Outreach’s supporters.

With your help, we can offer this blessed relief to even more families this year!

Kenya’s most recent drought shows why it’s urgent for us to focus on this mission. As problems with water shortages become more severe, families from rural communities must often travel miles just to fetch dirty water to drink. The plans Fr. Fabian wants to implement will do a lot to solve those problems and end those hardships.

Father Fabian Hevi needs your help to solve the water crisis facing rural Kenyan communities.

Join us in blessing 15 villages — a total of about 170,000 people — with something they’ve never had before: safe, reliable water systems.

In addition, these villages will be trained in hygiene, sanitation and water maintenance, which will help families protect their health and preserve the purity of their wells for generations to come. This blessing will save lives, eliminate long travels to find water, and empower families to take back their time to invest in their work, education and faith.

The Burden of Fetching Water

3 Hours

That’s how long it can take for Francisca Ngao to reach the Tange River and fill her water can.

To get a head start, she often rises before dawn, even knowing that adds a risk of encountering dangerous animals along the way. Elephants, who compete for the region’s scarce water resources, can be especially frightening. A thirsty elephant’s potential for violence is a very real threat. Some families will go without water rather than risk that confrontation.

A Kenyan woman in a field.
  1. Francis Ngao is eager for clean water access in her community.

Given the time it takes her to complete the chore — sometimes more than once a day — it is amazing Francisca finds the time and energy to work as a cook for her parish and to serve as the treasurer of her Catholic women’s group.

And for all this time and effort, the water she collects isn’t even clean. In fact, it is almost undrinkable.

“Sometimes it is hard water to drink. You can see some organisms moving around in the water,” she said.

For these and many other reasons, Francisca is eager for a permanent solution to her village’s water crisis.

“Clean water will help me and also my family members to have good health,” she says. “I am requesting clean water and especially in this area which has very limited clean water. We have some animals — our goats and our domestic animals also need clean water.”

A Mother’s Plea for Clean Water

“We travel some seven kilometers every day, fetching water that is not even clean. The water makes a lot of people complain about abdominal pains, and when they are tested, they are tested for typhoid, dysentery and amoebae. So, we are requesting clean water which will save our life and other villagers. If clean water comes, we will be free from harmful
animals and we will not leave early to fetch water and we will not come across elephants and poisonous snakes, So, we are requesting clean water so that we use and we won’t get sick. We use that water for domestic
chores and it will help the community. So I am advocating for clean water, because it will be advantageous to the community. Thank you.”

~ Irene Ngolo, 42, mother of two in the village of Covechili

A Kenyan woman in a field.

Irene Ngolo is among many Kenyan women asking for clean water.

  1. Water cans sit in the queue to be filled at an unsanitary water source in rural Kenya.


Committed to Empowering Rural Kenya

Cross Catholic Outreach’s long-term effort to be Christ’s hands and feet to the poor is altering the landscape of southern Kenya. Since 2018, our partnership with Good Samaritan Water Sanitation Services has allowed us to install 39 effective water systems benefiting 387,300 people — and counting! As you have seen, the benefits of this outreach go way beyond quenching thirst. Less time fetching water means more time for children to attend school and for parents to tend their gardens.  It means radically improved health and hydration, plus more water for daily needs such as cooking or doing laundry.

It also means healthier crops and livestock and the possibility of irrigation. There are spiritual benefits too. For example, participation in Masses and other parish programs typically increases when a village is provided with a modern water system.

What Your Gift Will Provide

More than just giving a well, you will provide a reliable water system designed to endure the conditions of rural Kenya.


Each system starts with a borehole drilled and cased to a depth of at least 200 feet to reach clean, abundant water.


Elevated water tanks will store up to 10,000 liters of clean water, protected from vandalism and wild animals.


GF-80 solar panels will power Grundfos solar water pumps, eliminating the need to buy gas or electricity.


Community-run kiosks will provide a safe way for women and children to collect water.

Help Us Reach the Goal!


That’s the amount needed to fully fund this transformative project.

Your generous gift can be the answer to the prayers of the poor for clean, life-giving water. Help us meet this urgent need and show Kenya’s must vulnerable families they are loved.

  1. Father Daniel (right) of St. Martin de Porres Parish officiates the blessing of a recently installed water system.

Open the Floodgates of Life

Quench Thirst in Jesus’ Name

Water is more than an essential human need. It is the element of our Baptism and has been a historic sign of God’s mercy. Our Lord bestowed this blessing on the Hebrews twice as they wandered through the desert. In that case, he miraculously caused water to spring from the rocks.

Today, we invite you to participate in another miracle of God’s provision by helping the Church serve as a conduit of his love to the world.

Your generous gift will help cover the cost to transform “miles into meters” by installing clean water systems in 15 communities, refreshing the bodies and spirits of 170,000 people. Thank you for your steadfast love for Kenya’s most vulnerable communities!

Download the Proposal

Fr. Fabian helps a student carry water to her school from a Cross Catholic Outreach-funded water kiosk.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2023, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.

What Is Your Legacy Mission?

When you include Cross Catholic Outreach as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance policy, you will make a difference for poor communities by meeting both material and spiritual needs for generations to come. Create Your Legacy!