Transform Kenyan Communities with the Love of Christ

About 32% of Kenya’s population does not have access to clean, safe water. Instead of turning a tap to quench their thirst, women and children spend hours each day searching for some way to collect enough water for their families.

By observing the three pillars of Lent — prayer, fasting and almsgiving — your parish, school or group can take part in a meaningful outreach that will forever transform communities in southern Kenya. Together, we can share the love of Christ and provide 67,177 people with Water for Life!

Since 2013, Cross Catholic Outreach has worked with Father Fabian Hevi to transform communities with clean water. To date, generous Catholics across the U.S. have mobilized to provide a total of 33 community water systems, which are now serving 133,724 people throughout Kenya.

With your help, we can extend the same grace to 10 villages that remain in critical need of safe water.

Change Lives this Lent

Philomena Wanza, 15, fills her bucket at a muddy ground hole near the village of Mokine.

Key Facts

Almost one-third of Kenya’s population lacks access to clean, safe water.

Only about 30% of the country has access to proper sanitation, such as modern toilets and sanitary latrines.

Roughly 75% of the people earn at least a portion of their income through farming — a dangerous gamble in that country

Over 36% of the people live below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day.

Sources: The World Bank and CIA World Factbook

The Places and Faces You’ll Bless

Help provide clean water to 10 communities and transform the lives of children like Agnes and Moses.

Meet Agnes

In the village of Mokine, Agnes helps gather water for her family. She and her neighbors walk nearly two miles to reach a dry riverbed. There, they dig into the earth and wait for muddy water to seep up from the ground. Bacteria, parasites and an unhealthy level of sodium carbonate contaminate this water.

Meet Moses

Moses Mutua, 6, and his brother Jonathan, 4, help their family collect water in Tawa. Sometimes the people of Tawa must make multiple trips to fill their jerricans at a muddy lake. Young children often contract painful waterborne illnesses from drinking such contaminated water.

How You Can Help

Give Hope and Healing This Lent Season

Water for Life can enhance the Lenten experience of your parishioners, students or group members. Our free resources will help them learn more about Kenya’s water crisis and apply their talents to make a difference.

Pray for families in southern Kenya that do not have safe, clean water.

Fast from something for 40 days, using the extra time and money to help the poor.

Give financial support to transform 10 communities with clean water systems.

Lenten Activity Guide

Fundraising ideas, daily prayers, Bible verses and meaningful reflections to deepen your Lenten observance.

Begin Lent by creating collection cups and praying for those in need of clean water.

Place your collection cup near the sink or fridge, and consider how your blessings can honor Christ’s sacrifice.

Practice making small sacrifices this week, and search the Scriptures to see what they say about “water.”

Use this lesson to better understand poor water quality and participate in a water-related service activity.

Plant seeds for change, and make a plan to bless at least one person in need this week.

As we complete our Lenten journey, pray for those who thirst, and take part in a lifesaving Walk for Water.

Fr. Fabian, a priest with the Society of African Missionaries and the  founder of Good Samaritan Water Sanitation Services.

Fr. Fabian’s Mission

Sharing Clean Water and the Living Water of Christ

Born in Ghana, Fr. Fabian was first sent to Kenya by the Society of African Missionaries in 2002. It was there he discovered one of his life’s greatest callings: bringing water to people who had none.

“That is one of my biggest dreams. Everyone should have access to clean and good water,” Fr. Fabian says. “There should be a day where everyone has access to good water. Just like we have to have air, we have to have water to survive.”

Fr. Fabian knows what the power of clean water can do. It conquers disease, transforms communities and refreshes faith. Sharing this conviction, Cross Catholic Outreach has partnered with this devoted priest to save and change lives throughout Kenya. Today, we are asking you to join us.

Help Fr. Fabian Share Water for Life in Kenya

Good Samaritan Water Sanitation Services

Fr. Fabian’s Diligent Nonprofit

In 2018, Fr. Fabian founded his own nonprofit, Good Samaritan Water Sanitation Services, so that he could bring the blessing of clean water to any diocese in Kenya. Founded on the teachings of Christ, the organization strives to model the gospel by providing clean water systems, as well as education regarding water, sanitation, hygiene and agriculture.

Good Samaritan Water Sanitation Services follows several important steps in order to reach the water table. By using a trusted contractor, Geotronics Engineering Ltd., and drilling deep into the earth (often around 200 meters), Fr. Fabian’s NGO can install water systems that will bless their communities for years to come.

The Process of Reaching Water

Give the Gift of Water

There are several important steps taken to guarantee the quality and longevity of the water systems. Drilled deep into the earth (to around 200 meters), the boreholes reach into the clean, abundant water table. Such measures ensure that the water systems will endure through seasons of drought and bless their communities for generations to come.

  1. Contract trusted drilling company Geotronics Engineering Ltd. for project.
  1. Conduct a hydrogeological survey/determine best location for drilling. Case/drill borehole. Conduct pump and water quality tests to confirm the quantity and quality.
  1. Install additional components: elevated water storage tanks, solar panels and water kiosk.
  1. Train water committee members on borehole maintenance and sanitation. Provide community training on water, sanitation, hygiene and agriculture.

Give Living Water for Lent

Engage Your Parish, School or Group in a Meaningful Lenten Outreach

Following the traditional three pillars of Lent — praying, fasting and almsgiving — we encourage your parish, school or group to share God’s mercy with poor Kenyan communities in need of safe water. By participating in Water for Life, you will lift heavy burdens from weary shoulders and forever transform lives. Suggested fundraising goals are provided here.

Lenten Challenge Sponsor

$26,752 will provide clean water for $2,200 villagers

Lenten Challenge Sponsor   –   $26,752 will provide clean water for 2,200 villagers

Water for Life Sponsor

$12,160 will provide clean water for 1,000 villagers

Water for Life Sponsor   –   $12,160 will provide clean water for 1,000 villagers

Abundant Water Sponsor

$6,080 will provide clean water for 500 villagers

Abundant Water Sponsor   –   $6,080 will provide clean water for 500 villagers

Wells of Salvation Sponsor

$1,216 will provide clean water for 100 villagers

Wells of Salvation Sponsor   –    $1,216 will provide clean water for 100 villagers

Living Water Sponsor

$608 will provide clean water for 50 villagers

Living Water Sponsor   –    $608 will provide clean water for 50 villagers

Make this Lent memorable by engaging in a meaningful Lenten outreach to bless those in need. Empower the children and families in your community to take action and share a tangible reminder of Christ’s mercy with the poor. Together, we can honor the Lord’s sacrifice by relieving the physical and spiritual burdens of entire communities that are longing to find Water for Life!

Engage Your Parish, School or Group in a Meaningful Lenten Outreach

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Lenten Activity Guide

For each week, the Lenten Activity Guide includes dedicated reflections based on Sunday Mass readings throughout the 40 days of Lent that culminate in the celebration of Easter. Each week’s activities include readings, verses to memorize, fundraising activities and insightful facts to encounter the needs of Kenya’s orphans and vulnerable children. We encourage you to be creative in your use of this guide, incorporating your own ideas to enrich your experience.

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April 5th – 12th

Help Kitale's Street Children Now

By joining Cross Catholic Outreach’s Carry the Cross Lenten outreach, you can minister to Kenya’s vulnerable street children.

With your support this Lenten season, we can provide 153 children with safe shelter, food, medical care, education, life skills training, counseling and Catholic formation.

Your obedience to Christ’s command to care for these vulnerable children will raise a generation of Catholics with dignity and hope for the future!