Thank You for Carrying the Cross of Kenya’s Street Children

Sharing God's Love in a Pandemic

Over the 40 days of the 2020 Lenten season, parishes across the U.S. came together to fast, pray and give on behalf of street children in Kenya and St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center in Kitale.

This empowered the staff of the center to minister to 153 street children during a worldwide pandemic — providing food support and a lifeline of hope!

Pray for the orphaned and abandoned children living at the St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center and all children living in dire poverty around the world.

May the love of Christ heal their hearts and may he provide for all of their needs.

Fasting enables us to create room in our hearts and minds for God and the care of His people.

Choose something to abstain from during the 40 days of Lent. Use the sacrifice to create additional room in your heart for prayerful focus on the suffering children in Kenya.

Give much-needed financial support to provide food and education to the precious children of God at the St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center.

The center has a history of leading Kitale’s children out of poverty – but they need your financial support.

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Our Partner: St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center

Education is integral to the ministry of St. John Bosco
Rehabilitation Center and their efforts to defeat poverty.

St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center’s mission is to serve Kitale’s street children with the love and compassion of Christ.

The streets of Kitale are lined with slums that are filled with disease and no place for children to grow up. Sadly, the boys and girls living there have no other option in life, and without help they are destined to remained in slums, trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. That’s why St. John Bosco’s social workers go into the slums to identify and rescue children who are most at risk for malnutrition and illiteracy.

At the center, children are provided with education, safe shelter, nutritious meals, life skills training and spiritual formation. After initial rehabilitation takes place, the end goal is to reintegrate children with their families.

Your support empowered the staff of the center to minister to 153 street children during a worldwide pandemic — providing food support and a lifeline of hope!

Change in Plans, but Continued Impact

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives — including the ministry of St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center. 

When all Kenyan schools closed in March, all resident children were sent home to live with their parent or guardian. But thanks to your support, each child enrolled in the program is receiving regular food relief baskets.

For most of the primary and secondary children enrolled in St. John Bosco’s programs, online distance learning is not possible. St. John Bosco’s staff members are keeping in contact with each family, ensuring that their basic needs are met until education can resume.

Food parcels are delivered to children on the back of a motorcycle.

Meet Isaac: Pursuing a Medical Degree

Isaac Moding (center) is achieving more than he ever thought possible thanks to the support of compassionate Catholics and the St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center.

Isaac Moding is a prime example of the positive impact that St. John Bosco has on children’s lives. 

In 2006, Isaac was rescued from the streets. His family had fled from Northern Kenya to escape drought and starvation. Instead of struggling to survive, he finally had the chance to pursue the education he’d been denied.

He flourished academically, attending Catholic primary and secondary school until he received his high school diploma. This was a tremendous achievement for a boy who got a late start on his education. 

This year, Isaac enrolled in the nursing program at Great Lakes University of Kisumu! St. John Bosco’s ministry changes lives!

Growing in Wisdom and Faith Through Spiritual Formation

Students of St. John Bosco are living, breathing testimonies to the faithfulness of God. They go to Mass, pray in the center’s prayer garden and attend Pastoral Program Instruction (PPI), which are classes that engage the children through song, dance, prayer and Bible stories.

Meet Rodgers: Street Child to Teacher

In 2003, 9-year-old Rodgers Wafula was rescued from life on the streets of Kitale. 

After starting in St. John Bosco’s program, he began informal schooling at the center and continued his education until he graduated from teacher’s college. On his journey, Rodgers was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church.

St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center hired Rodgers to teach nonformal education classes for children recently admitted to the program. He leads PPI once a week, instilling the same spiritual truths that changed his life.

Rodgers is a positive example of the long-term investment the center makes in children’s lives!

Once a street child himself, Rodgers Wafula is passing on the hope of Christ to the next generation at St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center.

Thank You

Your commitment to pray, fast and give has had eternal consequences for street children in Kenya. Because of you, 153 children had their needs met during a worldwide pandemic and in the process, their hearts were pointed toward Jesus, the one who sustains and rescues souls. Thank you for changing lives! For children in St. John Bosco’s program, the compassion of U.S. parishes reinforces the fact that their heavenly Father loves them unconditionally.

Please join us in praying that the children are able to return to school and resume the life-changing education made possible by you and other supporters. Thank you for your kind and generous spirit!

Continue to extend God's mercy to Kenya's street children

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. (1 John 3:18)

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Help Kitale's Street Children Now

By joining Cross Catholic Outreach’s Carry the Cross Lenten outreach, you can minister to Kenya’s vulnerable street children.

With your support this Lenten season, we can provide 153 children with safe shelter, food, medical care, education, life skills training, counseling and Catholic formation.

Your obedience to Christ’s command to care for these vulnerable children will raise a generation of Catholics with dignity and hope for the future!