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Social Media Posts

The Week Preceding Ash Wednesday (Feb. 7-13)

Want to experience a more meaningful Lent? We encourage you to support our parish’s Lenten outreach, Wells of Salvation, to bless families in Zambia and Malawi with safe, clean water. Your prayers, fasting and almsgiving will help our Catholic partners in Africa drill and repair 109 wells for 49,000 people. Learn more and access a free Lent activity guide through the link. #Lent #Catholic #Donate –

Lent Week #1 (Feb. 14 – 18)

Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Can you imagine how thirsty he must’ve felt? Sadly, even today, many girls like Miriam have no access to clean water. This Lent, join our parish family to bring clean water to our brothers and sisters in Zambia and Malawi. Donate through the link and include our parish’s name in the memo. #Lent #Catholic #Donate –

Lent Week #2 (Feb. 19 – 25)

Take a moment to pray for Happy Mhango, a widowed mother in rural Malawi. Happy converted to Catholicism in 2021, and shortly after, God answered her prayers for clean water: The Catholic Church drilled this well in her village! This week, Happy is featured in the free Lent activity guide, accessed through the link. While you’re there, please give what you can to bless more families in Africa with clean, safe water. #Lent #Catholic #Family –

Lent Week #3 (Feb. 26 – March 3)

What chores did you have at age 5? In rural Zambia and Malawi, young girls help collect drinking water for their families, often from distant rivers and hand-dug pits. This Lent, we encourage parishioners and all people of good will to pray, fast and give alms to the Wells of Salvation appeal. Our goal is to help bless 49,000 people in Zambia and Malawi with the gift of safe, clean water. Donate through the link and include our parish’s name in the memo. #Lent #Catholic #Donate –

Lent Week #4 (March 4 – 10)

137,989 — that’s how many people in Zambia and Malawi have already been blessed with safe, clean water in four Catholic dioceses, thanks to Cross Catholic Outreach and its international ministry partners. One of these people is 6-year-old Grace Mongwird, shown here. Right now, many others are praying for a similar blessing. That’s where our parish family comes in! This Lenten season, give alms through the link to help build village wells. Be sure to include our parish’s name in the memo. #Lent #Catholic #Donate –

Lent Week #5 (March 11 – 17)

In rural Zambia, people walk for miles to hear Father George Banda celebrate Mass outdoors. Many of them can’t even afford shoes. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they are hurting. This Lent, we encourage you to give alms to the Wells of Salvation appeal to bring clean water, food, health, spiritual outreach, and much more to families in Zambia and Malawi. Donate through the link and include our parish’s name in the memo. #Lent #Mass #Almsgiving –

Lent Week #6 (March 18 – 24)

As we approach Holy Week, it’s time to reflect on Lenten prayer, fasting and almsgiving. These three pillars unite us with Christ, whose body and blood were soon to be broken and poured out for our salvation. Let us unite with our brothers and sisters in Zambia and Malawi who need clean water. Let us be the hands and feet of Christ by sharing what we can to be a blessing in their lives. #Lent #HolyWeek #Almsgiving –

Holy Thursday (March 28)

On this Holy Thursday, we thank you for helping our parish bless families in Africa through your generosity and prayers. Your support will help drill wells in Zambia and Malawi, providing a lifetime of clean, safe water. May you always have the courage to say “yes” to the will of the Father! #HolyThursday #Almsgiving –

Extra Social Media Images

Thank You for Blessing Families With Wells of Salvation!