Major Donors

Thank you for partnering with Cross Catholic Outreach to touch the lives of the poorest of the poor around the world! You’ve prayerfully decided to partner with us to support and provide financial assistance to larger projects in ministries world-wide; for that we are deeply grateful and honored to call you a Major Donor. Your generous gifts provide the majority of all funding for our projects and give the destitute the hope to rise out of poverty and despair. Because of your faithful support, Cross Catholic Outreach is able to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, and spread the message of God’s love through overseas Catholic ministries. In short, we couldn’t fund these projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia without you!

You will receive detailed information a few times a year outlining how we are, together, transforming the poor in Christ’s name. We are excited to share updates from the field, stories from our missionaries about the work God is doing in the lives of those they serve, and what Cross Catholic Outreach is doing on behalf of the poorest of the poor. So feel free to explore our website to learn more about the great things our ministry partners are doing to break the cycle of poverty and draw thirsty souls to Christ. And thanks again for your generous support which has made all this possible!

Why Give to Cross Catholic Outreach?

As a Major Donor, you didn’t just invest your money – you also invest your trust. At Cross Catholic Outreach, we take that trust seriously, because we believe that how we conduct our ministry is just as important as what we accomplish for God’s glory. For that reason, we promise to meticulously honor the intent of your gifts. When you give to a specific ministry or project, we ensure that your donation is used for its intended purpose.

As a Major Donor, you entrust us to be good stewards of your gifts. We owe it to you to keep our administrative costs low and maintain high standards of accountability and ethics. We are fully accountable to donors for the use of funds, and we will provide complete documentation to donors who support this work of mercy. As such, we believe it is our obligation to provide not only financial accountability, but as well to update you regularly on the progress of projects. In a spirit of gratitude for the sacrifices you make, we remain committed to treating you as full partners in this ministry, praying regularly for your needs. In our Financial Accountability section, you’ll find links to our financial information, including audited statements.

If you are interested making a gift through stocks or bonds, click here to learn more.