Your support provides milk for children like Maria, Ana and Carmen who live in rural Guatemala.

Feed the Hungry and Restore Hope

Food prices are soaring around the globe, impacting families worldwide. But the impact of these hardships is especially intense in developing countries like Guatemala. There, nearly half of children under the age of 5 are malnourished. Our ministry partner in Guatemala — Dr. Jorge Gramajo and his ministry Friends for Health and Life (Amigos por la Salud y la Vida) — want to deliver nutritious milk and protein-packed meals to impoverished families through their network of 293 ministries across multiple dioceses in Guatemala.

That’s why we’re asking for your help.

Last year, U.S. Catholics provided 94,500 glasses of milk to children in need and we hope to provide even more milk this year. We are asking U.S. Catholics to join us in this mission. When you provide the simple gift of full-cream milk powder, you will provide a precious gift to a hungry child. Just $60 provides 232 cups of milk — that means an 8 oz. glass of milk costs less than 26 cents. 

With your support, we can purchase milk powder that will save lives and lead souls to the glory of Jesus Christ. Watch this video to learn about how 26 cents can provide a cup of milk that will put children on the road to healing and hope.

Malnutrition in Guatemala

Children Deficient in Vitamins and Minerals

Our Guatemalan brothers and sisters have suffered under extreme poverty for far too long. Chief among their hardships is extreme hunger, which can easily lead to malnutrition and the permanent physical and mental damage it can inflict. In fact, according to UNICEF, one out of two Guatemalan children under age 5 currently suffer from chronic malnutrition and are at risk of lasting disabilities.

When children don’t have their basic nutritional needs met, their growth and brain development are stunted, impacting their health for years to come.  Poverty is often the root cause of this tragedy – but there is a way to overcome this crisis. With your support, Cross Catholic Outreach can partner with Catholic leaders to dramatically reduce hunger among the poor and marginalized in their community. Please – help us bring relief and hope to these families in need!

Meeting basic nutritional needs is the first step to transforming families and communities. You become part of this transformation when you contribute to Cross Catholic Outreach and our ministry partners who are feeding the hungry in the name of Jesus.

Share Hope With Teresita

Little Teresita’s world was turned upside down when her mother passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, her grandmother is trying to take care of Teresita and her five older brothers in the mountain community of Zacapa, Guatemala. She is a compassionate woman, but she is struggling to provide for all six of her grandchildren. Shipments of powdered milk will make all of the difference for children like Teresita. Help us share hope with this precious little girl!

A little girl sits on a step and drinks milk out of a cup.
Your support provides milk and nutrition to children like Teresita around the world.

Our Partner: Friends for Health and Life and Dr. Jorge Gramajo

Since 2016, Cross Catholic Outreach has partnered with Friends for Health and Life, headed by Dr. Jorge Gramajo. The organization’s team works tirelessly to provide medical and nutritional aid for hundreds of thousands of people a year — and that’s not all! When additional needs arise, Dr. Gramajo eagerly leaps into action, providing support however it is needed most. For example, when Volcán de Fuego erupted in 2018, Dr. Gramajo was one of the first people on the scene, distributing food and medical supplies that we had sent and ultimately working with us to build permanent homes for 100 displaced families.

In 2020, Dr. Gramajo received the Illustrious Guatemalan Award, an honor bestowed for his significant contributions to the development and well-being of Guatemala’s people, and he was appointed as a peace ambassador by the United Nations in 2021. His compassionate work has also come to the attention of Pope Francis, who is aware of the plight of the Q’eqchi and the urgent need for outreaches such as Friends for Health and Life.

Fight Hunger With Vitafood

To combat Guatemala’s hunger crisis and the growing need of poor families worldwide, Cross Catholic Outreach has a simple but effective plan: distribute Vitafood. Last year, Catholics like you helped us provide 37.1 million meals to feed the hungry worldwide, and we need your help to provide even more this year.

Vitafood is the generic name for all of the specially formulated meal packs Cross Catholic Outreach ships overseas to meet the needs of malnourished families. Though we receive Vitafood from different sources, each source develops the Vitafood with a rice, potato or lentil base, a protein (usually soy or beans) and key vitamins to energize, strengthen and improve the health of malnourished children and families. Similar to milk powder, Vitafood is a lifeline distributed through our trusted ministry partners in Guatemala and around the world!

A little boy holds a bag of Vitafood.
Edin shows off a package of Vitafood his family received thanks to compassionate Catholics like you.

Food Program Resources

Around the world, families struggle to feed their children. Learn more about malnutrition in Guatemala — and how Cross Catholic Outreach is responding — in the stories below.

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