Nutritious Milk, Healthy Bodies

Feeding Poor Children in Guatemala

Milk is a simple but incredible gift to nourish Guatemala’s children. Guatemala has one of the highest rates of chronic childhood malnutrition in the world. There, even a simple glass of milk is a precious gift to a hungry child. When you give the gift of full-cream milk powder, you empower our ministry partners to rehabilitate Guatemala’s abandoned children and orphans.

At just 23 cents a glass, you can give children the protein, nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive!

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Hope for André

Fortunately for 2-year-old André (pictured at top), the Church was there for his family when tragedy struck. His mother, Celeste, had nowhere else to turn when the family lost everything after two hurricanes caused flash floods, landslides and terrible destruction across Central America. Even before the deadly storms, she struggled to feed André and his 6-year-old brother, Alejandro.

Supporters of Cross Catholic Outreach played a tremendous part in the Church’s effort to help children like André. Through their generosity, Catholic sisters at the Nutritional Recovery Center Santa Rosa de Lima in Morales, Guatemala, were able to provide immediate help to needy families, who they now have hope for a better future. Young children were restored to health with vitamin-packed milk provided by the sisters and other trusted in-country partners.

Your gift today will allow us to continue this mission of mercy and provide health-restoring milk to other suffering children in developing countries like Guatemala. There, one of every two children suffers from chronic malnutrition. With your support, we can ensure they have the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy and strong!

Food Program Resources

Around the world families struggle to feed their children. Learn more about malnutrition in Guatemala — and how Cross Catholic Outreach is responding — in the stories below.

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