Volcano Disaster Relief
Rising From the Ashes
- Guatamala -

Last summer, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted, to the shock and terror of nearby villagers. As it spewed columns of ash and pyroclastic flow, families ran in fear. Houses and crops were destroyed, and many lost family members who were buried beneath the ashen wasteland they once called home.

But with Cross Mission Partners like you behind us, Cross Catholic Outreach has sought to bring new hope to the shaken community. Partnering with “Friends for Health and Life,” as well as other local organizations and community leaders, we’ve provided the first permanent houses for displaced survivors.

Julio escaped the volcanic eruption in the nick of time, fleeing with his wife, Micel, and their two young daughters. For months to follow, the family lived in temporary shelters, grieving the loss of more than 40 loved ones and wondering how they would ever rebuild their lives. If any family desperately needed good news, this family did.

That good news came two months later when we selected Julio and Micel to receive the first house at New Jerusalem. At first, they stood in stunned silence. After a few minutes, tears began to run down Julio’s face. “I do not have words to thank you enough, but I know that the Lord will reward you,” Julio said. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I honestly can’t thank you enough.”

Fourteen houses have already been constructed on a donated plot of land called “New Jerusalem.” Complete with electricity and indoor plumbing, these houses will relieve the burden on traumatized families and help them move forward from tragedy. Thank you for being part of this compassionate outreach!

Receiving a new home has helped Julio and his family rekindle hope. Thank you for helping!

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