Mission Partners

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Your monthly donation is improving the health and wellbeing of families around the world

Our community of monthly givers are people just like you who are changing lives by sharing the light and hope of Christ. Because of you, last year we were able to:

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Our Promise of Good Stewardship:

We consider every gift we receive as a precious resource from God. We direct every donation to its intended project, provide honest and accurate reports to our donors, and keep overhead costs to an industry low. We handle funds with utmost integrity and hold our ministry partners in the field to the same high standards by asking them to document costs and the impact of their outreach.

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How We Serve:

Rather than create new institutions to distribute aid, we support existing ministries and churches already serving the poor. In addition to being the most cost-effective way of helping the poor, empowering these ministries allows us to support the Church’s spiritual mission and its important position of leadership in poor communities.