Fr. Frank Iacona

Rev. Francesco Iacona

Fr. Iacona was born in Montelepre, Sicily, near Palermo. As a child he moved with his family to overcome poverty, first to Canada and then the U.S. He grew up in Detroit, earning honors in studies at Wayne State University. After a career in law and community service, he gave up the “good life”, hungering for more, and moved to the inner-city of Indianapolis, working with the poor, seniors and youth. He later pursued the quest to follow the call to the priesthood, to which he was ordained on January 4, 2002.

Fr. Iacona has held pastoral assignments in the Archdioceses of Atlanta, Newark and Los Angeles, as well as the Dioceses of Springfield in Missouri, and St. Augustine, Florida.  Though retired from active parish ministry, he assists various parishes in the Atlanta area and is a hospital chaplain.

Fr. Iacona is the author of a book, Peace and Joy, a Path for Our Spiritual Quest, leads retreats, and preaches full-time for Cross Catholic Outreach. In his work with Cross Catholic, he awakens/affirms Christ in those in the pews through opening their hearts to the plight of the poor. This results in raising awareness and funds for spiritual nourishment, food, water, shelter, medical care, education, economic empowerment and hope for the poorest of the poor, transforming their lives and communities, and our world.

Fr. Iacona is a priest of the Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada. A missionary of peace and joy, he loves to affirm and bring out the best in others and himself. His pillars for a holy and joyful life: awareness of blessings, gratefulness, compassion/generosity, and integrity. His mantra: No God, no peace nor joy. Know God, know peace and joy. To know God, look for the good in you and others.