Fr. William O’Brien

Rev. William O’Brien

Father William O’Brien grew up in Wisconsin, where his great grandparents ended up making new lives when they fled the famine in Ireland during the mid-1800s. His upbringing and family ties have all centered on the family farm where old-fashioned principles of hard work, church, and family unity were paramount.

After working in the construction industry for 20 years, which included his position as construction auditor for a $200 million power plant, Father William took early retirement and left to study for the priesthood.

At the tender age of 48, he was ordained and has never once regretted his decision to answer God’s call. In his career as a priest, Father William has served in many parishes, including as Pastor of St. Peter the Fisherman in the Green Bay Diocese for 13 years. Now, Father William’s compassion for our hurting, struggling and poverty-stricken brothers and sisters has led him to his new position as an Outreach Priest for Cross Catholic Outreach, where he will bring the plight of the poor to parishes all across the U.S.