Become an Outreach Priest

Stir Hearts and Transform Lives

Help bring God’s blessings to the poorest of the poor by becoming an Outreach Priest with Cross Catholic Outreach. Our ministry is seeking Roman Catholic priests in good standing who have weekends available to serve in a part- or full-time role.

As an Outreach Priest, you will celebrate Mass at parishes nationwide, sharing the Gospel and connecting the faithful with our Catholic ministry partners who bless the poor in developing countries. You will travel to a parish and stay for the weekend, often while the pastor is away on a much-needed vacation. You will administer all the sacraments and preach on behalf of the poor. Fluency in both Spanish and English is highly desirable.

Outreach Priests are also our ambassadors in roles beyond parish liturgies.

We Value Your Skills

Outreach Priests are generously compensated to take full- and part-time positions with flexible scheduling, and all their travel costs and related expenses are covered by our ministry.

Our training ensures Outreach Priests understand our goals and how to inspire parishioners to see their role in a universal church with a heart for the poor.

Our Outreach Priests have the following qualifications:

  • A letter of good standing and safe environment training
  • Permission from your Superior or Bishop
  • Excellent public speaking skills
  • If not a U.S. citizen, one of these credentials:
    • A permanent resident card (Green Card)
    • An employment authorization document (work permit)
    • An employment-related visa

Below is a personal story from one of our Outreach Priests in which he describes how working for our ministry has impacted his life.

Outreach Priest Reflection »

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We would love to speak with you and answer any of your questions about becoming an Outreach Priest!

Contact Patrick Glass, Outreach Priest Recruitment Specialist: 800-914-2420 ext. 430, or complete our request for more information form.