A pilgrimage is a beautiful metaphor for the spiritual life as you travel inward as well as outward to draw closer to God. It’s a chance to push aside life’s responsibilities and distractions and focus your whole mind and heart on the merciful face of Christ.

Pilgrimage Updates

This fall Cross Catholic Outreach had the pleasure of accompanying two groups of donors through Italy where we learned about the spiritual significance of the churches and Christian sites in Rome.

We were grateful for the opportunity to travel alongside this incredible group through unique experiences, such as Mass in the catacombs and a private tour of the Sistine Chapel. The pilgrimage allowed us to connect with God and grow deeper in our Catholic faith.

It was an unforgettable experience!


" I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me. "

Proverbs 8:17

Father Fabian Hevi, SMA

We were blessed to be accompanied by Father Fabian Hevi on this year’s Rome Pilgrimage.

Born in Ghana, Father Fabian has played an instrumental role in Catholic outreach to the Turkana tribespeople of Lodwar, Kenya.

Through his leadership role in the Society of African Missionaries, he has met an urgent need for water — not just physically but also spiritually.

“ Our work there is to go and evangelize. It has pushed me to do more than carry a Bible and tell people to repent and convert. "

– Father Fabian

A Greater Vision

Thanks to generous Catholics like you, over the past few years, Father Fabian Hevi successfully fulfilled his mission to bring lifesaving water to the Diocese of Lodwar, in northern Kenya. But Father Fabian is not done.

Make a Donation

Your generosity and compassion can answer the long-awaited prayers of communities in southern Kenya by providing access to clean, accessible water for local families in four villages. 


“More and more are suffering as a result of the lack of water sources suitable for consumption…. Access to this good is a fundamental human right, which must be respected, because the life of the people and their dignity are at stake.”

- Pope Francis

Rome and Vatican News

Read news and weekly updates from Rome / Pope’s speaking engagements.

Read news and weekly updates from Rome / Pope’s speaking engagements.

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To learn more about pilgrimage opportunities, email or call Susan Ramirez at 800-914-2420 ext 254.

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