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Share Your Blessings and Your Faith

Share Your Blessings

and Your Faith

Father Raúl Monterroso and other dedicated Catholic missionaries have established incredible missions to help desperately poor children and families in Guatemala and elsewhere in the developing world. By providing material aid and spreading Christ’s hope in struggling communities like Santa Rosa de Lima, they keep the hope of Christ alive. You can help too! Join Fr. Raúl and support his mission to lift families out of extreme poverty today!

The gift you make possible will bless a child — materially and spiritually!

Make a Lasting Impact in the Life of a Child

Your generous support is needed to provide desperately poor children and families in the developing world with food, shelter, education and other material help — and to share the Good News and hope of our Catholic faith!

Discover the ways your gift will help!

Safe Housing

Families in Santa Rosa and around the world have struggled under extreme poverty for generations. Unable to afford decent housing, families are forced to live in primitive shacks, often without running water, electricity or even latrines.

For many families, a safe home can be the first step in a path out of poverty. Your loving gift will help restore hope and dignity, and help break the cycle of poverty in which so many are trapped. Read more.

Access to Education

The best way to break the vicious cycle of poverty is through education. In impoverished communities like Santa Rosa, children face several barriers preventing them from staying in the classroom.

Poor families are often forced to pursue basic survival over investing in their child’s future. Your support helps provide poor children with access to education, a better future and a reason to hope. Read more.

A student at a school in Santa Rosa de Lima in Guatemala smiles as he completes his schoolwork
A girl in rural Guatemala receives essential cooking supplies through a food distribution program

Feeding Programs

Some families in Santa Rosa and around the world survive on almost nothing — less than $2 U.S. per day. Many of the poorest households struggle to provide food for their children, whose young bodies suffer from malnutrition.

Too many poor and vulnerable children do not have enough to eat. Your support helps feeding centers provide nutritious meals for hungry little ones. Read more.

Clean Water

Water is crucial to survival, but poor families in the developing world lack access to its refreshing, life-sustaining power. In Santa Rosa, villagers waste precious time and energy gathering water from potentially contaminated sources.

Your help is essential for critically-needed water programs in developing countries. By supporting Cross Catholic Outreach’s clean water programs, you can quench thirst and give life to suffering families everywhere

Economic Empowerment

Poverty can be so extreme in places like Santa Rosa that it forces families apart. With limited economic opportunity, men may have to leave their homes in order to find work to support their families. Lasting change is needed to transform these communities.

By empowering poor communities like Santa Rosa, we can improve self-sufficiency and keep families together. Your support of micro-finance, agriculture programs and other forms of economic stimulants can help break the cycle of poverty that ensnares Santa Rosa and many other communities.

The poverty in rural Guatemala…

and how YOU can help!

Every day, 15-year-old Remigio Cortes must deal with the difficult circumstances of living in a poor farming family in southern Guatemala.

It is difficult to believe the struggles of some families living here… They survive in cramped shacks made of sticks, plastic tarps and plywood. Heavy rains turn the dirt floors to mud.

Sometimes there’s no food at home. His friends and neighbors may walk for an hour in the hot sun to reach school with nothing in their bellies.

With your assistance, we can meet the physical and spiritual needs of many.

Remigio in rural Guatemala smiles for the camera

A child like Remigio will treasure his Rosary – and will be so
grateful for your prayers and help.

“It’s easy to make a difference – and what an amazing feeling to know you’re impacting the life of a girl or boy like Remigio forever.”

- Jim Cavnar, President

Help the Poor in Christ’s Name​

The material help — and the spiritual hope — you bring is a priceless blessing!​

Help the Poor in Christ’s Name

The material help — and the spiritual hope — you bring is a priceless blessing!

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Learn how you can engage in projects serving the poor and their communities around the world.

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Our mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Your gift empowers us to serve the poorest of the poor by channeling life-changing aid through an international network of dioceses, parishes and Catholic missionaries. This cost-effective approach helps break the cycle of poverty and advance Catholic evangelization.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2022, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.