Educate and Empower Poor Children

Children who attend school have the best chance of escaping poverty

Education offers the best path out of poverty. Yet many poor children do not have the opportunity to gain an education, despite their willingness or ability to learn. Impoverished families either cannot afford to send their children to school or need their help with other duties, like working in the fields or gathering water. Parents have been forced to pursue basic survival rather than investing in their children’s’ futures.

Cross Catholic Outreach believes in equipping the next generation with education and spiritual formation. By supporting our Catholic schools and scholarship programs, you can help missionary priests and religious sisters give the gift of an education to children in developing nations.

The Need for Catholic Education in Santa Rosa

José Manuel Cian is a bright student who attends a public school in Santa Rosa de Lima in Guatemala. There, hundreds of children squeeze into a crumbling building. The atmosphere is unfocused and overcrowded. Despite this, students are eager to learn. They come because there is no alternative.

A dedicated priest in the area, Father Raúl Monterroso, wants more for the diocese’s children like José. He dreams of constructing the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School and covering tuition costs for more than 80 students in desperate need.

Your support of our education programs helps turn dreams like Fr. Raúl’s into realities. You can change the trajectory of lives of poor children around the world who would otherwise miss out on an education.

Help Fund Catholic Education and Scholarships

The best way to break the vicious cycle of poverty is through education. Catholic social teaching informs us of a child’s right to education, and our responsibility to support their rights. You can provide a Catholic education to students like José in Santa Rosa and other children around the world. Your generous contribution to Cross Catholic Outreach’s education programs will provide impoverished children with access to a better future and a reason to hope.

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* Every dollar helps us bless the least of our brothers and sisters throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America and South America.

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