Help a child like Dadulove Mesilieu secure a bright future in Christ.

Build homes. Radiate God’s greatness.

“Giving up” is not in God’s vocabulary, particularly where the needs of the poor are concerned. As believers, we should have the same determination to bless lives, and there is no better place for us to demonstrate that courageous love than in Haiti — through our support of bold Catholic missionaries who share Christ’s light there.

Father Glenn Meaux is one such missionary. His Kobonal Haiti Mission has built up faith and pathways to prosperity, and it is more critical than ever that we extend his incredible mission of mercy.

Together with Cross Catholic Outreach, you can activate Fr. Meaux’s plan to bless thousands of people by building safe homes, expanding Catholic education, filling stomachs with food and agriculture programs, and protecting the health of vulnerable people with clean water and health care access.

Please, help Fr. Meaux continue to defy the odds — and show the watching world that God’s greatness reigns forever.

A Light in the Darkness

The Kobonal Community Bucks National Trends

Haiti is a country in crisis, which is why the Church and her people must sustain pockets of peace and stability in this island nation. Kobonal is a Christ-centered community located in the Diocese of Hinche, roughly 70 miles from the gang violence of the capital city, Port-au-Prince.

Meet Our Partner

Fr. Meaux and the Kobonal Haiti Mission

On the day Fr. Meaux first arrived in Kobonal, Haiti, he passed a crowd descending a hill — a funeral procession taking a child’s coffin for burial. Upon reaching the remote villages, he found families entrenched in extreme poverty, hunger and superstitious Vodou practices.

Today, the Kobonal community is a place of hope and faith thanks to the tireless efforts of Fr. Meaux and the Kobonal Haiti Mission — and visionary friends like you who see the great potential of the Church in Haiti.



Cross Catholic Outreach CEO Jim Cavnar first contacts Fr. Meaux to offer aid to the Kobonal Haiti Mission.

5 years


First grant issued to support the survival feeding program (2003). Partnership expands to housing (2005).

10 years


Partnership expands to water (2010). Housing grants expanded in response to a devastating earthquake (2010-2012).

15 years


New programs include agriculture, education and operations support (2013); microloans (2015); and the construction of a medical clinic begins (2017).

21 years


Scholarship program added (2019). New chapel dedicated (2020). Primary school’s Mathebonite campus expands (2021), with plans for a main campus expansion (2023).

Building on a Successful Partnership

With your help, the Kobonal Haiti Mission can continue to be a beacon of hope by implementing Fr. Meaux’s poverty-fighting strategy. These six programs will meet the most pressing needs of the local population, so people of all ages are empowered to seize a bright future in Christ.

Safe Homes

Build 50 homes, prioritizing widows with children and families impacted by illnesses and disabilities.

Catholic Education

Build seventh-grade classrooms and support teachers and students in primary grades, blessing 1,750 children.


Provide the 250 poorest families with basics every month, including cornmeal, beans and cooking oil.


Feed 1,750 students and teach parents proven farming techniques at the mission’s six farms.


Bless 2,475 people by drilling three community wells, finishing two under construction and repairing five more.


Serve 100 patients per month at the mission’s health clinic with electrical and medical equipment maintenance.

Fr. Meaux nourishes souls with the Eucharist.

Blessings Begin With a Safe Home

The Lucius family is one example of how your gift can lift up an entire community. Last year, Elivane, Invive and their children were living in a cramped house with walls made from sticks coated in mud.

As you can see, the family is thriving today! Thanks to the mission, they can sleep soundly in a safe, dry home — and the older children are model students at the Kobonal Mission School. Invive is now in a position to help neighbors in need and considers it a blessing to share rice, beans and flour with those who cannot afford food. You can help other families follow a similar path!

Elivane and Invive Lucius and their six children.

Shine Christ’s Light in Haiti

God’s word is clear: We are called to help the poor and advocate on their behalf. Right now, there is no greater need in the Western Hemisphere than in Haiti. Kobonal’s families have a firm foundation in Christ and a desire to build bright futures — but they need your help. Join this important mission today to manifest hope in the darkness.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.