All God's Children

Fully Funded!

You Provided Safe Housing and Clean Water!

In rural Haiti, poor families often live in crumbling mud-and-stick shacks and walk miles to collect contaminated drinking water, but thanks to your generous support of the Kobonal Haiti Mission, this situation is changing for the better. For example, you helped provide:


New Concrete Homes

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Existing Homes Repaired

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Clean Water Wells Drilled

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Existing Wells Repaired

Because of your kindness to Haiti’s poorest families, 253 people have safe shelter and 4,449 people were gifted clean water. Thank you for putting God’s love into action!

Proven Transformation Strategy

Committed to Long-Term Results

For more than 30 years, the Kobonal Haiti Mission has worked tirelessly to reduce poverty. Thanks to donors like you, the ministry has built 820 houses, installed 35 clean water wells and provided microloans to 1,066 families. In addition, 250 families are provided food each month, and more than 1,600 children are receiving a quality education at the Mission’s two primary school campuses. 

Over Three Decades of Hope

1989 –

Father Glenn Meaux founds the Kobonal Haiti Mission and enrolls the first 50 students.

1991 –

The Mission school expands to a second campus. Today, it serves 1,600 students across two campuses.

1993 –

The Mission builds its first home and begins its microenterprise and feeding ministries.

1996 –

The Mission completes its first water project.

2003 –

Cross Catholic Outreach President Jim Cavnar makes his first visit to the Mission, and a partnership is formed.

2020 –

The Kobonal Haiti Mission dedicates a new open-air chapel, with increased capacity for parishioners to celebrate Mass.

2021 –

and beyond… The Mission continues to transform hearts and lives by meeting the material and spiritual needs of the poor.

The Solution

Safe Homes, Solar Lights and Clean Water

Starting A New Life

When you joined Cross Catholic Outreach and the Kobonal Haiti Mission to bring safe housing to the poor, you were an answer to prayer!

A new home is fresh start for poor families, giving them a sense of safety and security, increasing self-confidence and renewing their God-given dignity.

Access to clean water is life-changing. Freestanding hand-pump wells improve health and hygiene and free up time for education.

Four Walls Renew Hope

When we introduced you to Veronique Fenelus and her family, the family was crammed into a small, stick-and-mud hut with a flimsy roof made of rusted metal sheets. The house flooded every time it rained, soaking everything inside.

But thanks to your compassion, the family recently moved into a brand-new Kobonal home. Living in a four-room, solid house is an answer to years of prayer and a relief from suffering.

“In the new house I feel safe. I close the door and I can sleep peacefully. I don’t have to be watching and staying up all night,” Veronique said.

Before: Veronique and her family lived in this crumbling shack.

After: Because of your support, Veronique’s family now lives in a brand-new Kobonal home!

Refreshing Bodies and Souls

Do you remember our friend Dilson? He used to wake up at 3 a.m. each day to walk miles to find water for his family. Dilson collected dirty water from a hole just to lug the heavy containers back to his house.

Thanks to your kindness, Dilson, his family and many others in the community have all the clean water they need.

“Drinking clean water gives you a better future, because water is life,” Dilson said. “Clean water does not make anyone sick or give anyone problems.”

Dilson Alika (right) celebrates clean water with the children in his community.

You Can Still Make a Difference!

Fund Other Projects at Kobonal Haiti Mission


How You Are Helping the Poor in Kobonal

Sustainable Housing and Water

Thank you for equipping our local partner to be a beacon of hope to these families by providing life-giving aid that includes sturdy, solar-powered homes and clean, abundant water.

Your gift helped build and repair 85 sturdy weatherproof homes, replacing the dirt-floor shacks many Haitian families must endure through difficult seasons.

Your gift helped install and repair seven community water wells. These wells bring clean, refreshing water to 4,500 people!

Your gift provided life-changing indoor electricity to households in need, illuminating places of physical and spiritual darkness with Christ, the Light of the World.

Safe Homes

Restoring the God-given dignity of the poor

The cycle of poverty can be difficult to escape, but having a safe place to call home can make a real difference. The short-term goal of the Mission’s housing program is to improve the living conditions of families sheltering in fragile mud-and-stick huts. The long-term goal is to enable each family to become a landowner, a homeowner and a self-supporting farmer within a faith-filled community.

Clean Water

Quenching thirst in Jesus’ name

Safe, clean water is critically important to the Kobonal families. They need it for drinking and cooking, of course, but it’s also essential for sustaining the fruit and vegetable gardens they depend on for food and income. Seven communities were blessed with freestanding hand pump wells, two new wells and five repaired wells. Community leaders now oversee and perform maintenance, and each well is surrounded by a cement wall for security. Water is free, but benefiting families are encouraged to contribute a small amount to fund future repairs the water system may require. This gives villagers a greater sense of ownership and pride.

Beneficiaries: 4,449 people

Water Source: 7 clean, hand-pump wells

Cost: $300 per family to provide a clean, safe new well; $320 to repair one well

Features: Cement wall enclosure for security, free for benefiting families, hygiene and sanitation education for community members

Delivery Mechanism: Freestanding hand-pump wells

Thank you for building two new community wells and repairing five existing wells. These wells now provide clean water to 4,449 people who used to rely on contaminated sources.

Solar Light

Shining physical and spiritual light

The Kobonal Haiti Mission recently added a brilliant new feature to the homes we are building: solar light! Solar power is a practical option in Haiti, where the sun always shines and many properties have no access to an electrical grid.

In each new house, a solar panel was installed along with three light fixtures, illuminating a family’s home so the day’s activities don’t have to end at sunset. They can also use the panels for activities such as charging a basic, prepaid cell phone — a device that has been revolutionary in poor, remote communities where traditional landlines never existed.

The option of turning on a light will be especially important for students who have homework and struggled to see in their dark homes.

When you provided solar lights, you gave Haiti’s children a brighter future.

Student doing her homework under a light.

Thank You for Answering the
Cries of God’s Children!

Because of your wise investment in the Kobonal Haiti Mission, hundreds of families have been lifted up and out of destitution. Thank you for caring about all of God’s children, for declaring their intrinsic value, and for equipping them for a better future. Your compassion will have a lasting impact on Kobonal, blessing generations to come. May God bless you for all you have done!

“…and I will be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”


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