Bless the Poor with a New School, New Homes & New Harvests

Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala

While Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America, more than half of its citizens live below the poverty line. Guatemala has some of the worst rates of malnutrition and child mortality. It also has one of the highest disparities between rich and poor.

This Fall, we have partnered with the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima to build a Catholic school, construct safe homes, provide clean water and launch an agriculture program to promote economic independence and strengthen Christ’s presence among the poor.

Join us in this campaign to free the people of Santa Rosa from poverty. You can transform their lives both spiritually and materially!

A Priest Among the People

Father Raúl Monterroso knows the plight of the poor intimately. He spent his childhood working alongside his father’s hired day laborers and sharing meals with them in the fields.

For more than a decade, Fr. Raúl’s ministry has helped lift many out of extreme poverty; but he still feels called by God to do more! Join with Fr. Raúl to bless the poor with a Catholic school, safe homes, clean water and new harvests.

The headquarters for the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima is located in Cuilapa, about 40 miles southeast of Guatemala City. The city itself has a population of about 20,000 people and is surrounded by dozens of poor farming communities.

Father Raúl's Plan

Safe Homes

Impacting the lives of 237 villagers in 4 communities


Impacting 200 schoolchildren in 5 municipalities

Clean Water

Providing clean water to 583 villagers


Transforming the lives of 1,528 villagers

Safe Homes

The foundation to lift a family out of poverty is to ensure they have safe housing. Fr. Raul’s plan for Santa Rosa includes the construction of 20 durable, cement-block houses with solid floors and waterproof roofs that will give the poor families the comfort they deserve.

Fr. Raúl feels every beneficiary family should participate in their home’s construction. This “sweat equity” preserves family dignity.

“I have lived in this house my whole life, but I would give anything for my children to have something better.”

Access to Education

Santa Rosa’s children lack access to a Catholic education system. To solve this problem, Fr. Raúl came to Cross Catholic Outreach with a vision for a new Catholic school – the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School – to serve over 200 students.

Fr. Raúl is convinced it is God’s will that these children have this new school, as Catholic social teaching tells us that every person has a right to education.

Clean Water

Water — one of God’s greatest gifts — is crucial to our survival, but thousands of poor families in Santa Rosa have no access to its refreshing, sustaining power.

Fr. Raúl’s plan is to construct a 600 ft. deep well and a gravity-fed water system.

Over 500 villagers with access to clean safe water piped right to their home.

Agriculture Program

Poverty is so extreme in Santa Rosa that the men often search for jobs in other countries, leaving women survive on subsistence farming. What small profits they generate is usually turned over to the landowners, contributing to the overall cycle of poverty.

Fr. Raúl agriculture program will provide resources and training to over 1,500 villagers, promoting economic independence and sustainability.

Help Now

Fr. Raúl has often said that in Santa Rosa there are two objectives — to defeat poverty and to bring people to Jesus Christ.

Now is your chance to free Santa Rosa from the clutches of poverty by transforming lives and truly making a difference in the lives of the poor. Your generous gift to Cross Catholic Outreach will empower the Church in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima to be the hands and feet of Christ to the needy.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2020, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.