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Filled with delight, children pump water from a new well in Zambia. Gifts from our friends enable the Diocese of Chipata to bring clean water to families in remote villages.

Water Impact Update

Quenching Thirst With Christ’s Living Water

Clean water saves lives. It also reduces illnesses, increases crop yields and eases the burdens of the women and children typically tasked with collecting contaminated water from distant rivers or other ground sources. These improvements also help families experience Christ as our source of Living Water — an invitation he offers to all who thirst.

The global impact of health problems would be cut by 10% if everyone had access to clean water, sanitation and basic hygiene services — but tragically, that’s not the case. Right now, 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water at home, and they suffer unnecessary health and economic consequences as a result.

Cross Catholic Outreach has been working to end that suffering and restore hope by assisting the Catholic Church’s efforts to deliver safe water to those who need it most. Our donors responded generously to this mission of mercy last year, providing the blessing of lifesaving water to more than a quarter million people. Projects included drilling deep-water wells in Kenya, installing two new community water systems in Nicaragua, and providing hand-pump wells in Ghana and Malawi.

Fiscal Year 2023 Impact

Grants Provided
Community Water Systems Constructed
Individual Water Systems Constructed
People Reached With Clean Water



Children playing in a stream of water being sprayed on them.
Families in Nicaragua joyfully celebrate the opening of a new well that brings clean water to their remote village.

Families in rural Nicaragua are trapped between two awful choices — going thirsty or drinking contaminated water that could cause debilitating diseases. Poor and with no better options, they draw water from shallow hand-dug wells that are home to harmful bacteria and parasites. They know each sip could lead to severe intestinal illnesses — even death — but with no other choice, they must collect and use this water to survive.

Together, we can respond to these families’ urgent needs. Cross Catholic Outreach partners with an organization called Amigos for Christ to install community water systems that bring abundant clean water to remote villages. In the past program year, systems were installed in two villages, bringing safe water to spigots outside 170 homes. People joyfully gathered to celebrate the opening of each system! In all, 645 men, women and children now have the blessed relief of fresh, clean water every day.

And the Lord’s work is not done! Work is underway to bring the joy of clean water to more villages.

Poverty is extreme throughout the Chinandega region, so our ministry partner feels a sense of urgency about every special outreach it initiates. In addition to providing water, our support enables the ministry to provide families with agricultural support, income-generating activities and spiritual renewal. Thanks to friends like you, families have safe water today and hope for tomorrow!

Fast Facts


Cross Catholic Outreach began partnering with Amigos for Christ in 2007, and the partnership now has a goal to transform rural communities throughout the region with social, economic and spiritual activities.

Designed for Success

Safe water provides a solid foundation for communities as each system is built for the long term, with a deep water well, a large holding tank, and piping that brings water directly to the homes.

Improved Health

Community health also is improved through the installation of modern bathrooms to replace pit latrines, health and sanitation education, and health examinations.

Family Involvement

Families joyfully join in the construction work by helping dig trenches for piping. They also volunteer to assist with the preparation work needed in nearby communities.

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2025, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.