Share Blessings With the World’s Most Vulnerable People

In developing countries, Catholic priests, sisters and lay missionaries are eager to help the poor, but most lack the financial resources to achieve this goal.

Your gift to Cross Catholic Outreach is the driving force behind our multifaceted mission, activating a global network of trusted ministry partners to uphold dignity and protect human life. Your donation has the power to rescue children and families from hunger, provide safe drinking water, combat human trafficking, and address other extreme hardships — all for the glory of Jesus Christ! 

Give now and boldly open your heart to the most urgent needs of the poor.

Answer the Cries of the Poor Around the World

In 2001, Cross Catholic Outreach launched its global ministry to link U.S. Catholics with children and families living in extreme poverty. Since then, millions of people have been transformed both materially and spiritually.

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Your Generosity Transforms Lives

Boldly open your heart and give now to meet the most urgent needs of the poor.


A medical worker and future priest.

Carlot is a seminarian in Haiti and trained medical worker who has volunteered at mobile medical clinics in the rural Diocese of Hinche.

A Malawian woman.


A widow blessed with clean water.

When Happy’s husband died unexpectedly, she was afraid for her family’s future — until Catholics in her village in Malawi came to her aid.

smiling boy


A little boy with a big personality.

When Edin was just a toddler, his parents became some of the first participants in an agriculture program in his local Guatemalan diocese.

Our President’s Strategy

Michele’s heart for service and deep Catholic faith inspires her to connect U.S. Catholics with ministries serving the world’s most marginalized people. She’s served in executive leadership at Cross Catholic Outreach for 20 years, beginning as vice president of development and transitioning to president in 2022, with the full support of every U.S. Catholic bishop on our esteemed board of directors.

Through Cross Catholic Outreach, Michele invites all Catholics around the world to unite in overcoming material and spiritual poverty — and you are an important part of this mission! Together, we can meet the most urgent needs of the poor through eight life-changing programs:


Ship prepackaged meals around the world and help Catholic ministries buy food locally.

Water & Health

Drill wells and protect families from dangerous illnesses that trap them in desperation.


Build safe, sturdy homes for families living in unsafe and unsanitary dwellings.


Children in classroom holding their hands up

Empower young minds with the educational and spiritual foundation to achieve goals.

Vulnerable Children

A young girl praying.

Give girls and boys a safe, healthy start and protect them from human trafficking.

Disaster Relief

Rush critical supplies, such as food, water and blankets after natural and man-made disasters.


A woman seated near baskets.

Help families launch small businesses so they can break the cycle of poverty.


A girl holding a chicken.

Improve nutrition and increase families’ income with programs to grow crops and raise animals.

Mobilizing the Global Catholic Church

Meeting Urgent Needs Through Trusted Partnerships

Cross Catholic Outreach is committed to excellence in stewardship, and we pledge to be fully accountable regarding how we use the funds you entrust to our ministry.

For larger, advanced partners, we provide financial and material resources for multiple complex programs while handling the vital functions of financial monitoring, reporting and accountability. For smaller-scale partners, such as needy, church-based ministries, we support high-impact individual programs such as feeding centers, women-owned farms and rural Catholic schools and orphanages.

In all cases, we supply meaningful help where it is needed most, channeling urgent aid and cash grants through local Catholic leaders who are trusted in their communities. In fact, we pre-position disaster relief supplies near hurricane-prone areas so that our partners can provide food and medicines as soon as they are needed.

With your help, Cross Catholic Outreach will have the flexibility to respond where we are most needed, serving with humility, fervor and love as we advance Catholic evangelization. 

Catholic Ministry Partners Your Gift Can Support

A cardinal on the front lines of justice.

As the papal almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski has visited war zones — and narrowly avoided bullets — to accompany people in the midst of great suffering.

A soccer-loving sister who cares for orphans.

Sister Heydi Flores believes everyone deserves a happy childhood, especially the boys and girls she cares for in Sumpango, Guatemala, at a home for children with HIV.

A bishop eager to share Christ’s living water.

When Bishop George Cosmas Zumaire Lungu visits remote villages in his diocese, he drinks the same water as the people — even if it comes from a hand-dug pit.

A Catholic education is a blessing for children like Manise in Haiti and other countries.

Be an Instrument of Christ’s Peace

Across continents, we are united through Christ. But as united as we may be in spirit, parts of our universal body are hurting. Cross Catholic Outreach has been called to address those needs.

We believe that if we reach out to others with a heart of service, then we can change the world, one life at a time. As we stand together to be this force for positive change, clean water will flow, food will fill hungry stomachs, safe homes will be built, and Catholic schools will be able to welcome children eager to build bright futures.

We are asking you to join us because there is so much work to do. Through our shared commitment to this holy calling, souls will proclaim the greatness of the Lord, and spirits will rejoice.

We can hardly wait to see what God will accomplish through your generosity!

Download the Proposal

The Recinos-Reyes family opens a box of Vitafood meals.

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2025, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.