A woman leans over a hole to collect water from a cloudy pond of water.
Fight Cholera in Zambia
Girl with a rosary carrying a bucket.
Wells of Salvation
Five children play near a pipe flowing with water.
Water Piped to Homes
Send a Child to School
A family in their home together.
Safe Homes in Guatemala
A girl looks at the camera with a glass of milk in her hand.
Powdered Milk
A smiling girl holds open a book for studying.
Marie Adelaide Girls Rescue Center
A smiling woman accepts payment at her small vegetable stand.
Launch a Family Business
A little girl sitting at a table filled with food.
Food & Shelter for Young Girls
Community Water Kiosks
A woman holding a chicken crouches inside a chicken coop with a group of chickens behind her.
Chickens, Goats, Pigs & Cows, Oh My!
A little boy in a blue sweater smiles with other schoolchildren in the background.
Catholic School Scholarships
A woman smiles leaning over to pet her large speckled pig.
Business Loans for Women
A priest serves communion to a parishioner.
Build a Church
A boy heads a soccer ball while three other boys watch.
Soccer Balls
An ethnic mask
Protect Against Human Trafficking
A smiling woman in a pink dress holds a box of supplies, with a girl holding a baby in the background.
Most Urgent Needs
Two girls smile at the camera.
Give Monthly
Catholic Bibles
A little boy holds up a bag of rice and beans.
Feed the Hungry Worldwide
Future Doctors, Teachers, & Priests
A family of six stands in front of their concrete house with a solid metal roof.
Safe Homes in Haiti
Box of Joy®
Water for Life