Crosses of the World

Whatever country they’re in, our Cross Catholic Projects Officers always make a point of finding crosses, either to photograph or to bring back with them to display on our office wall as a reminder of our true purpose.

This morning in devotions, Jim Kline, our Projects Officer for Africa, gave a photo presentation of the different kinds of crosses he has stumbled upon in a variety of contexts. It was a fitting start to our last day of work before the Easter weekend and a great reminder of the universality of Christ’s sacrifice. The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is not just a quaint Jewish fable, but a world-changing reality. 

The power of the cross penetrates into every nation and culture and brings hope and joy even to the poorest of the poor – maybe especially to them. That power can be symbolized by an ornately carved monument of gold or by two plain wooden boards nailed together. And if wood cannot be afforded, we can draw our crosses in the sand to proclaim what our Lord and Savior has already written on our hearts.

It might be said that the cross is the great equalizer. The cross reminds us that we are no better than those we serve. At the foot of the cross, the poor and the rich are equally poor in themselves and equally rich in Christ, because when the resurrection comes, our money and possessions will be dust, and we will have nothing to give but our love.

This Easter, let’s stand in solidarity with the hungry, the sick, and the oppressed, remembering that Christ’s promise of salvation is a promise to the whole world, for all who believe in his name.