A Lasting Relationship

Last week Cross Catholic Outreach staff was privileged to have Father Glenn Meaux, founder of Kobonal Haiti Mission, stop by our South Florida office for a visit.

On his way back down to his mission in rural Haiti, Father Meaux shared a few stories and recent updates on his various projects there. During his more than 20-year ministry, he has brought housing to the homeless, food to the starving and the word of God to those in desperate need of hope. Father Meaux says that everyone has the God-given right to basic needs—and these needs aren’t just material. That’s why he provides a strong spiritual outreach, including mass and catechism.

Father Meaux in Kobonal

Father Meaux in Kobonal

Cross Catholic has proudly supported his efforts since 2003, and we look forward to continuing to bring life-saving food, concrete homes, water, education, microloans and hope to the poor in Kobonal in 2013.

-Annie W.