Water Brings Forth New Life

“It used to be very hard to get water. Without rain, we were traveling long distances and life was very difficult. Before, we used to take shifts at the water source because it would become so congested. People would come to use this one little tank and trough, arriving at 4 a.m. and continuing on until 9 p.m.

But now, with the new water, the lifestyle of the whole community has changed. Today my wife and children have clean water for drinking. There is now plenty of water and this has saved us time, money and reduced our workload. People are now able to do other important things and that is why shops are opening up in the area.

This water is something that will help for generations to come. People see this as a blessing from God to help our community. Thank you! It will never be forgotten.”

-Solomon Matura, a father of three and herder from Ewuaso Kedong, Kenya, where Cross Catholic Outreach funded a large-scale project to bring life-saving water to 42,000 drought-impacted people

-Annie W.

Water Brings Forth New Life Water Brings Forth New Life