World Water Day 2022: Fighting the Global Water Crisis Through Catholic Missions

It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to someone who is always giving to others.

An example I’d like to spotlight is Alina Previlda.

The 50-year-old Haitian woman lives in a rural community where we support a Catholic mission led by Father Glenn Meaux. Alina and her husband are humble farmers leading a hand-to-mouth existence, but their poverty doesn’t stop them from being generous to others. In fact, the local children call Alina “Grandma” because she is always so kind to them.

Whenever the Mission gives Alina food, this sweet woman gathers additional ingredients, prepares a meal and invites the neighbor children to eat with her, because she knows how hungry they are. She is a woman of faith who strives to be a light, and it shows. She told us, “I keep the Word in my heart and share it with my neighbors.”

Alina with her husband outside their Cross Catholic-funded house.

Alina with her husband outside their Cross Catholic-funded house.

Sometimes, Alina has more than 10 children in her house at once for meals…all the more reason why we needed to replace her dilapidated home with a sturdy new concrete house. And that’s exactly what we did! Alina loves her new “palace” with a beautiful hilltop view, and she looks forward to filling her plot of land with fruit-bearing trees.

May this Haitian woman’s “widow’s mite” of generosity be an example to us all.

-Tony M.