International Catholic Nonprofit to Provide Significant Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief

Cross Catholic Outreach, with the blessing of the Pope, establishes relief efforts for Ukrainian families

Cross Catholic Outreach
BOCA RATON, FL – May 2, 2022 — Cross Catholic Outreach, an official Catholic ministry that partners with bishops, priests, religious and lay workers to aid the poor and vulnerable children and families in international communities, is announcing a major effort to help Ukrainian refugees suffering from the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Cross Catholic Outreach is collaborating with His Eminence Cardinal Konrad Krajewski from the Office of Papal Charities, and, in the name of the Holy Father, to provide food, clothing, generators, ambulances and other relief to internally displaced Ukrainian families and refugees. It also is working with Caritas in Veritate to provide internally-displaced families with food, water, baby formula, blankets and sanitary kits at three centers in Ukraine in the communities of Lutsk, Struga and Nowa Uszyca. 

“So many people want to aid the people suffering in Ukraine, but they don’t know what to do or which organizations are effectively mobilizing support for the poor refugees seeking help,” said Jim Cavnar, president of Cross Catholic Outreach. “Cross Catholic Outreach has a long history of standing with the Catholic Church to support the world’s most vulnerable in times of turmoil through our extensive partnerships and relationships within these communities. We are working within the Ukrainian community to understand and meet their immediate needs.”

“Additionally, we have contacted other Catholic charities focusing on the care and resettlement of refugees and internally-displaced families, and we intend to make those needs a priority. We are so humbled to be able to harness the generosity of our donors to serve people in desperate need of assistance in Ukraine.”

Since 2001, Cross Catholic Outreach has helped transform communities in 85 countries with $3.3 billion in total aid. It spearheaded disaster relief responses following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and 2021 as well as other relief efforts in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and emergency food and medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts to support Ukraine’s children and families have been recognized through an April 2022 Apostolic Blessing by Pope Francis. 

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