From Left to Right: Vicki Cohen, Midwest Territorial Growth Director Steve Cohen, Linda Trott, Maryland PSD Dale Trott, Participating in Box of Joy.

Light on a Knight: Steve Cohen

This month, Cross Catholic Outreach shines a light on Steve Cohen, a member of the Order since 1977. Steve is currently on the Supreme Council leadership team serving as Territorial Growth Director for the Midwest Territory.

In 2017, Steve and his wife, Vicki, participated in a Cross Catholic mission trip to Guatemala. There they had the opportunity to serve our Box of Joy® ministry and distribute Christmas gifts to children in a local orphanage. Reflecting on his experience, Steve said, “The people that we met on this journey were faith-filled people, a people that pray and know that one day God will provide. There God is ever found. We found Him in these villages and in the school and in the orphanage. We will never forget these people. They are remembered each day when we drink clean water, when it rains and our roof doesn’t leak, and when we pray for them.”

We recognize and thank Steve and all Knights who continually put their faith into action by serving alongside Cross Catholic Outreach, as together we transform the lives of the poor for the glory of Jesus Christ.