Board of Directors Elect Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski as New Chairman

A bishop in his vestments looks at the camera.
Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski.

For two decades, Cross Catholic Outreach has provided steadfast support to Catholic missionaries across the globe under the guidance of our esteemed board of directors. In June, the board elected Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski as chairman to succeed Bishop Ronald W. Gainer, who recently retired from the board.   

Comprising seven distinguished U.S. Catholic bishops, the board made a collective decision to entrust Archbishop Rozanski, the shepherd of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, with the responsibility of leading Cross Catholic Outreach.   

Expressing his thoughts on assuming this new role, Archbishop Rozanski commented, “My time on the Cross Catholic Outreach board of directors has been very rewarding. Witnessing the profound compassion of Cross Catholic Outreach donors for the less fortunate and their unwavering support for Catholic missionaries worldwide is truly inspiring.”   

Archbishop Rozanski hails from Maryland and was ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1984. His dedication and service to the Church led to his appointment as Bishop of Springfield by Pope Francis in 2014. Later, in 2020, Pope Francis honored him with the appointment as Archbishop of St.  Louis. Now, as the new chairman of Cross Catholic Outreach, he brings his experience and commitment to further our organization’s mission of helping those in need and supporting Catholic missionaries in their noble endeavors.