Mission Partners
Young african students smile wearing school uniforms.

Mission Partners - Update May 2019

For the poor in developing countries, obtaining safe housing is a dream beyond reach. Day-to-day life is a constant struggle for these families. Many suffer from chronic illnesses they can’t afford to treat. They are plagued by malnutrition. They live in crumbling shanty homes because it is all they can afford.

At Cross Catholic Outreach, we believe God hears their prayers for help and works through our Mission Partners, including YOU, to lift them up. Of all the good you do as a Cross Catholic Outreach Mission Partner, providing safe housing for our poorest sisters and brothers is one of the most life-changing acts of mercy you take part in.

When YOU provide safe housing for the poor, YOU manifest God’s love and mercy. Your gifts help answer the prayers of families living in horrendous conditions. Your generosity makes possible a tangible demonstration of the Gospel and allows both practical and spiritual needs to be met. May God bless you for remembering the needs of the poorest of the poor!

Brothers of Good Works - Water and Sanitation

Nigistu Beku’s burden was already heavy: the 74-year-old widow had lost two sons in the Ethiopian Civil War. On top of that, a lack of sanitation made daily life nearly unbearable. Imagine Nigistu’s relief when this misery met its end! Working with Cross Catholic Outreach, the Brothers of Good Works, a local Catholic organization, recently completed a new toilet block for Nigistu’s neighborhood.

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Volcano Disaster Relief

Last summer, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted, to the shock and terror of nearby villagers. As it spewed columns of ash and pyroclastic flow, families ran in fear. Houses and crops were destroyed, and many lost family members who were buried beneath the ashen wasteland they once called home. Fourteen houses have already been constructed on a donated plot of land called “New Jerusalem.” These houses will relieve the burden on traumatized families and help them heal from trauma. Read more.

ANCOP Housing

It’s a glorious new day for Johanna Fer and her family! Two years ago, the settlement where Johanna lived in Sorsogon City, the Philippines, was demolished. The mayor moved the family to a temporary shelter, where Johanna became trapped in chronic instability. Your steady gifts as a Cross Mission Partner help us provide safe housing for the poorest of the poor like Johanna’s family. In Sorsogon City alone, you’ve helped us fund 30 homes that are now giving shelter and stability.

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Your gifts as a Cross Catholic Outreach Mission Partner have helped fund the construction of sturdy new houses for impoverished families across the developing world. If not for YOU and other caring souls, our sisters and brothers described in these pages and many others in need would still be sleeping on dirt floors in crumbling mud-and-straw huts. You’ve cooperated with the Lord’s grace to build safe, durable and weather-resistant homes made with quality materials, including upgraded metal roofs that provide even more reliable protection against the elements.

Please know how God has used your generosity to lift up today’s poorest families from pits of desolation, setting their feet on solid ground. Because you were obedient to his call to care for the poorest of the poor, people who were in desperate circumstances are now praising the Lord, grateful for a better future. Thank you for being God’s instrument of grace to the poor around the world. Cross Catholic Outreach depends on the generosity of friends like you to accomplish our mission of serving the “least of these” in the name of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you for your compassionate heart!