A mother, father and little boy stand in front of their concrete block home, decorated by streamers and balloons.
Exenia Cardoza and her family stand in front of a home built by Rainbow Network.

Cross Catholic Outreach Supporters Provide Vulnerable Nicaraguan Families With New Homes and Safe Water

A tragic number of Nicaraguan parents live in fear because the health and safety of their children are at risk. Harsh weather threatens to flood or destroy their homes, and they are forced to rely on unsafe water sources that contain parasites and other contaminants that can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Having no way to overcome these challenges because of their poverty, Nicaraguan mothers and fathers have had to cry out to God to deliver them from these hardships. That’s why the generous gifts of Cross Catholic Outreach’s donors are so important. These donations allow Church ministries to provide solutions to their problems and serve as a faith-building answer to their prayers!  

For example, recent contributions to Cross Catholic Outreach by U.S. donors empowered one of our ministry partners in Nicaragua to begin the process of building 75 secure homes and installing safe water systems in the poor communities they serve. Through these outreaches, Rainbow Network will renew hope in entire villages where generations of vulnerable men, women and children had been praying for an end to their suffering. God bless you for being a vessel of His mercy and for helping to restore hope to these families in need.

We pray that as you read the stories of the families benefiting from your kindness, you can experience the restoration you have helped bring to these communities.

Life-giving Water in Rural Nicaragua

María Jesús Castillo and her family are among the many blessed by a water project that will be installed to serve three communities — El Llano de Boquerón, El Cerro de la Mina and San Ramón de las Uvas. While this project is on a three-year timeline, the community is already buzzing with excitement and showing a renewed sense of hope. They are seeing signs of God’s providence in new and tangible ways.

María Jesús was particularly excited to learn that her days of washing clothes with stored water supplies will soon be over. Her parents and grandparents dreamed of a project of this magnitude, but they never believed it would be possible.

Soon, María Jesús will be able to tell her grandchildren the beautiful story of how God brought new hope to her community. She is deeply grateful to friends of Cross Catholic Outreach for making this project possible. In the past, young children and their mothers were responsible for collecting water from open and contaminated water sources like the one pictured here.

Thanks to your support, rural communities in Nicaragua will receive clean, abundant water — God bless you for providing this transformative gift!

A little girl collects water from a contaminated stream.
In the past, young children and their mothers were responsible for collecting water from open and contaminated water sources like the one pictured here. Thanks to the support of friends of Cross Catholic Outreach, rural communities in Nicaragua will soon receive clean, abundant water!

A Nicaraguan Family Receives Safe Housing

Darling del Milagro Sevilla Ortiz lives in a house owned by her mother-in-law. There, with her husband, Samir, the couple is raising Neykel, 7, and Eytan, 3. It’s a one-room home made from bricks and metal sheets and has a dirt floor — the place is far too small for her family of four. Darling wanted the best for her children, but the situation they face is bleak. She can see her children are uncomfortable, and she knows that because the home is not their own, there’s little chance she can improve their living conditions.

Her sadness and worries increase during the rainy season because flooding often swells the nearby river, cutting off the access road to the nearest community. When that happens, her children are not able to attend school.

With so many concerns plaguing her, she was beginning to feel hopeless. Then, she heard that new homes were being built for families like hers, and everything changed. It was like a dream come true, and Darling’s hope was restored. She is eager for that day — in the not-too-distant future — when her children will enjoy the space, security and better health they deserve.

In fact, the new location selected for the homes will allow her children to attend school every day, even during the rainy season! Darling is even considering plans to run a small business out of the new home, helping her husband cover their family’s living expenses. Thank you for bringing hope to Darling and her little family! Please pray that the construction of these homes will continue without interruption so she and the other benefiting families can move into their new homes soon.

A mom and her son and daughter stand on the porch of their current home.
Darling’s family is thankful that they will soon have a safe and sturdy home to call their own. Right now, they survive in this home that frequently floods and leaves them vulnerable.

Thank You for Providing Safe Housing

For families living in unsafe, unsanitary conditions, the gift of a new home provides many life-transforming blessings. Its sturdy walls, floors and roof provide a cleaner, healthier living space and eliminate the suffering and illnesses once caused by standing water, grime and intruding vermin. This safer housing has an impact on a family’s future too.  It serves as the foundation for building a better life and gives children a better place to study and learn.

There are spiritual blessings as well. This gift shows them Christ’s love and restores their hope in a brighter future.

Click the link below to provide sturdy housing, safe water and more to poor families in Nicaragua. These men, women and children have been praying for relief for years. Your kindness will provide them with the support they desperately need!

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.